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How to install Mac Theme on Ubuntu

You will need this basic requirement to get the work done: Ubuntu, Gnome Tweaks, Plank, Privileged access to your Linux system as root or via the sudo command.

Step 1: First of all, we have to install gnome tweaks. Open the terminal and follow the commands.

$ sudo add-apt-repository universe
$ sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool
$ gnome-tweaks #to check for installation

Step 2 : Next, we are going to install the Mojave macOS theme. Now go to this link and install as per your wish, Locate it in your downloads folder. I am going for a Dark theme.

$ cd Downloads
$ tar xf Mojave-dark.tar.xz
$ mkdir ~/.themes
$ mv Mojave-dark ~/.themes/

Step 3 : Once the theme is installed you can apply the theme to your current desktop. Open up the Gnome Tweaks tool, Go to Appearance and change to Application’s theme appearance to Mojave-dark.

Step 4 : Next step is to install Mojave CT icons. Now go to this link and install as per your wish, Locate it in your downloads folder.

$ cd Downloads
$ tar xf Mojave-CT-Night-Mode.tar.xz
$ mkdir ~/.icons
$ mv Mojave-CT-Night-Mode ~/.icons/

Step 5 : Once the icon is installed you can apply the icon to your current desktop. Reload the Gnome tweak, Go to Appearance and set the icon appearance to Mojave.

Step 6 : Next, set up the macOS panel. To do so first install Plank.

$ sudo apt install plank

Once the Plank application is installed launch it from your Activities menu. At this point, you should see the macOS panel at the bottom of your desktop. Hold the left CTRL and right-click to the bottom macOS panel to open up Preferences. Customise the macOS panel to fit your desired look and feel.

That’s It. you are all set to enjoy your mac-theme experience in your Ubuntu :)




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