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Important RASA commands

Use this as a cheat sheet that you can refer to…

RASA Cheat Sheet

The following are the most frequently used RASA commands:

  1. rasa init

This command is used to create the initial project structure of rasa.

2. rasa train

This command is used to train the chatbot on the nlu data and stories.

3. rasa shell

This command loads the trained model and lets us talk through the command line.

4. rasa interactive

This command starts an interactive session and new training data can be created by chatting with the chatbot.

5. rasa run

This is used to start a new server with the trained model.

6. rasa run actions

This is used to run the action server.

7. rasa visualize

It shows us a visual representation of the stories.

8. rasa x

This command is used to start rasa x.

9. rasa -h

It shows us all the available commands.

10. rasa data split nlu

These commands split the training data in the ratio of 80/20.




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