What is F12R?

Raja CSP Raman
Dec 8, 2020 · 1 min read
Photo by Martin Shreder on Unsplash

If you are confused and curious about F12R, this article might help you.

You obviously know Developers are lazy and find easiest option to convey the terms to the word in a lazy way. That’s how Numeronym like short forms are created.

Credits go to 80s Developers who came up with options like i18n and l10n for internationalization and localization.

How Numeronym can be formed?
Take the first Letter
Take the last letter
Count the letters between and add it in the middle

For example:
Hello becomes H3o

This is how F13R formed to convey this world about Featurepreneur!

Now, what is Featurepreneur?
Featurepreneur (F12R) is a micro-appreciation platform for developers where you can predict / create features for everyone in the world!

For more info, you can check here:



Features for everyone!