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Why I dumped Windows and switched to Ubuntu?

In house link: https://tactlabs.github.io/featurepreneur-articles/2020/12/28/why-i-dumped-windows-by-eswar/

“The Windows philosophy basically involves giving you enough rope to hang yourself. And then a couple of feet more, just to be sure.”

Are you thinking of switching to Ubuntu from Windows, but afraid to jump the ship.

Maybe my story will help you?

Even though I have tried Linux based os systems in my school days, the terminal command scared me and I have already gone back to Windows

After a couple of years, I participated in a hackathon named BigDataBoss and secured a runner up. For our great performance, we got an intern in TactLabs(Formerly Talent Accurate).After working as an intern in TactLabs. Our senior mentors told us to switch to Ubuntu.

My reaction is like:

Our Mentor, Raja CSP sir explained to us every positive aspect of Linux and made us understand the importance of Linux. But it doesn’t even reach my mind. At last, we installed Ubuntu in our PC. I thought that its the black day of the year, by imagining my School Linux Experience

After a week of usage, I am just stunned with the performance, features, reliability and the terminal is the absolute game-changer. Mostly all famous application has their Linux version like VLC Media player, Spotify etc. By just a week of usage, I started thinking of dumping Windows.

Here are the reasons, why did I dump windows for Ubuntu:


You are free to do any customization in your PC and I use Ubuntu 20.04.08, But with Gnome and Tweaks feature, it makes my desktop unique and outstanding from the rest. Linux is open source, if you are facing any bugs it will be rectified faster than any Windows update.

Commodity Hardware:

Fortunately for Linux adaptors, there’s no hardware upgrade madness that follows a new version of the software. I can use my old laptop from 2006 with 2 GB RAM and old CPU in a way, which would never be possible with Windows anymore. Thanks to the lightweight architecture of Ubuntu, which can run on both x86. 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.

Software Development:

If you are a developer, the terminal is the sweet spot. There is nothing more convenient than running servers, training machine learning models, compiling and running scripts from the same terminal window. It’s a huge productivity booster, By using the terminal, automation becomes a game-changer.

Servers and Containers:

An advantage of Linux based machines is that it can connect to remote servers with a single line of command. Therefore technological developers who operate end to end application must master Linux to configure and maintain the server. Also, For Docker container, Ubuntu is the best choice. Ubuntu made minimal Docker image on the DockerHub.So that ubuntu is more suitable as a base OS for Docker images, In addition to being one of the most suitable host OS for Docker.


If you are a developer, then Ubuntu is heaven. As well as Ubuntu has all the multimedia functionality for a complete multimedia experience. There are still many features to be mentioned, but these are the features in Ubuntu, I felt handy in my usage. I am very grateful to Raja CSP sir and I value the insights and guidance, you provided us and this intern in TactLabs made me explore technologies out of the box and Ubuntu in a fun gamified way.



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