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2 min readMar 20, 2024


Launches Test with Publishers in the UK and Germany

Today Flipboard is beginning to federate its platform specifically for communities in Europe, starting with the United Kingdom and Germany. Partnered with a select group of publishers in each market, now stories, videos, podcasts and conversations curated on Flipboard by these publishers will be available to people on federated social networks, like Mastodon and soon Threads. We also introduced a new Flipboard profile for the Mastodon community in Germany, follow us here.

Similar to the U.S. rollout, we are testing federation with a handful of partners who curate about popular topics ranging from lifestyle to world news. Once a Flipboard account is federated they have a profile in the fediverse where they can connect with new communities as people discover and share their content across the fediverse.

What do you need to do to take advantage of all this? Nothing. Everyone in the fediverse can see curated content from federated Flipboard profiles and Magazines in whatever app or experience they are already using today.

The First to Federate in Europe

In this first European test we are partnering with 21 publishers to federate their Flipboard profiles and Magazines. People can now choose to follow the profile of the publisher to see all the stories they are posting on Flipboard, or they can follow a publisher’s topically curated Magazines to get coverage on specific areas of interest. For example, Politico Europe curates a collection about Migration and European Elections 2024, and Heise Online shares about all things photography in their Magazine c’t Fotografie. To explore profiles federated today, open your Mastodon account and paste any of the links listed below into the search field.

Federated publishers in Germany:

AD Germany, @ad_germany@flipboard.com

Glamour Germany,@GlamourGermany@flipboard.com

GQ Germany, @GQ_Germany@flipboard.com

Handelsblatt, @Handelsblatt@flipboard.com

Heise Online, @heiseonline@flipboard.com

National Geographic Deutschland, @NatGeoDE@flipboard.com

Spektrum der Wissenschaft, @Spektrumverlag@flipboard.com

Tagesspiegel, @Tagesspiegel@flipboard.com

t3n, @t3n@flipboard.com

VOGUE Germany, @VOGUE_Germany@flipboard.com

Wirtschaftswoche, @WiWoOnline@flipboard.com

Zeit Online, @ZEITONLINE@flipboard.com

Federated publishers in the United Kingdom:

CityAM, @CityAM@flipboard.com

Dig!, @ThisIsDig@flipboard.com

HuffPost UK, @huffpostuk@flipboard.com

openDemocracy, @openDemocracy@flipboard.com

POLITICOEurope, @POLITICOEurope@flipboard.com

Refinery 29 UK, @Refinery29UK@flipboard.com

Science Focus,@sciencefocus@flipboard.com

The Face, @TheFace@flipboard.com

TimeOut London, @timeoutlondon@flipboard.com

With millions of fediverse users outside the U.S, federating our global publishing partners, creators and curators is an important step toward fully federating Flipboard. As we test these first two countries we’ll gather feedback and prepare to expand to other important European markets, including France, Italy and Spain.

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Welcome to the fediverse!

-The Flipboard Team



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