Recap of Fediverse Webinar for Creators and Curators

Includes benefits of being federated, anatomy of your account, ways to aid discovery, and FAQ

Fedi Curious?
3 min readMay 3, 2024


We recently announced that we federated 400 of Flipboard’s top creators and curators, meaning that their Flipboard activity is now syndicated out to fediverse platforms like Mastodon and eventually Threads. This is a lot to absorb even if you know what the fediverse is, so we held a Webinar to break it down. We’re sharing the recording more widely here for those of you who are also “Fedi Curious” and want to understand what it means.

The video contains:

  • Definition of the fediverse
  • Benefits of being in the fediverse
  • A timeline of Flipboard’s federation rollout
  • A breakdown of what it means to have your Flipboard account federated
  • Discovery tactics
  • Resources for more information
  • FAQ

Watch it below:

For those more interested in the TL;DR version, here are some scannable highlights of what we talked about.

Top benefits of federated accounts for Flipboard creators and curators

  1. Increased reach: By federating with the fediverse, Flipboard creators have the potential to connect with a wider audience beyond the platform.
  2. Diverse communities: The fediverse encompasses a variety of communities with different interests and perspectives. By joining the fediverse, Flipboard creators and curators can tap into and engage with these groups, and tailor their content to suit unique audiences.
  3. Interoperability: Federated accounts in the fediverse can interact seamlessly with users on other federated platforms. This interoperability fosters greater collaboration, networking, and cross-promotion opportunities for Flipboard users.
  4. Community engagement: The fediverse often values community-driven content moderation and governance. By participating in this environment, Flipboard creators and curators can engage more directly with their audience, solicit feedback, and build stronger relationships with their followers.

Best practices for reaching new communities in the fediverse

  • Use caption + hashtags when flipping the story into a Magazine on Flipboard and the post will appear in corresponding topics in the fediverse
  • Write a text post on Flipboard to help with discovery of your Magazine in the fediverse (FlipTip: create a text post — or note as we like to call them — by tapping the create icon in your Magazine. Learn more here.)
  • Copy your Flipboard federated handle(s) and promote on other federated networks, such as Threads
  • Add your Flipboard federated profile link to your blog, newsletter, etc
  • Participate in community hashtag trends like #FollowFriday, #Bookstodon, #BelieveinFilm and #TravelTuesday

How to get your Flipboard account federated

If you’re interested in getting your Flipboard account federated, you can apply here. Please note: we are currently only federating creators and curators who have two or more active Magazines and no trust and safety issues.

Continuing the conversation

There are many ways to keep up with what’s going on in the fediverse via Flipboard.

For a macro-level view of how the open social web represents the internet’s next wave of innovation, check out Flipboard CEO Mike McCue’s podcast, Dot Social, where he interviews other leaders in this movement.

Our Fedi Curious newsletter on LinkedIn is republished to Medium and Flipboard. It connects the dots on the fediverse with basic materials and tips for getting involved. Upcoming posts include how publishers and brands are using the fediverse for their content strategies, how to discover people in the fediverse, how to think about having multiple accounts, and more.

Our FAQ contains answers to other common questions we’ve been asked as we take down our walls and integrate with the open social web.

Mia Quagliarello, head of creator community, is curating Fedi Curious



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