Use This Trick to Discover Who Your Brand Ambassadors Are

Brand ambassadors do the heavy lifting of your marketing and communications efforts. You create, they spread.

Brand ambassadors are the people who comment “first!” on your latest video. They share your new article right when it comes out, and regularly pester their friends to check out your content.

If you’re a small organization, it’s easy to pick these people out. They’re often old friends or family members or even friends of friends. But as your organization grows bigger, it can be hard to keep up with all the people sharing your content and know who exactly you should go to if you need new content to spread fast.

So what do you do? Here’s our trick at FEE for discover who our brand ambassadors are.

Sort email recipients by number of opens.

A high number of opens indicates that the contact forwarded your email to a bunch of people, and those people checked out your content as well. So if you see a contact with an extremely high number of opens — like Bianka up there with 54 opens — you know that he or she is one of your brand ambassadors.

Finally, consider segmenting these contacts into their own list. After all, these are the people who are most likely to respond to your bigger asks (e.g. refer their friends to your events, write reviews for your new book on Amazon, donate, etc).



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