Under the Label :: Killekill

S1E4: Bringing jacking party vibes to Berlin.

Under the Label is a documentary series going behind the scenes at some of the most innovative record labels of the moment. Each month, we’ll take you on a journey into the lives and minds of passionate pioneers, as they push the boundaries of their respective scenes (more).

Episode 4: Killekill

Rather than pushing a specific vibe or genre, Killekill presents a diverse array of dance music styles from jacking Chicago house to head-melting electronica. From the label’s clubland roots to its expansion into the experimental Krake festival, Nico Deuster explains the motivations behind Killekill.

Recorded in 2016, this is the fourth episode of the series.


Production: lockd.tv
Sponsor: FATdrop


Radioactive Man — Addict
Neil Landstrumm — Night Train
Snuff Crew — Eat This
Bill Youngman — HH3
Eomac — S. U. Riddim
Alex Cortex — Mem
Jerome Hill — Memory Machine

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