Under the Label :: Sneaker Social Club

S1E1: Inside the label pioneering a new wave of UK rave.

Under the Label is a documentary series going behind the scenes at some of the most innovative record labels of the moment. Each month, we’ll take you on a journey into the lives and minds of passionate pioneers, as they push the boundaries of their respective scenes (more).

Debut episode: Sneaker Social Club

Blazing a trail in the resurfaced UK rave scene, Sneaker Social Club draws inspiration from the cultural fusion that emerged in British cities in the late 1980s, taking the baton and running with it to break new ground in the hardcore continuum — a central part of electronic dance music, with influences extending from jungle and dnb to dubstep and garage.


Production: lockd.tv
Sponsor: FATdrop


Luke’s Anger — World Warrior
Etch — Chemotaxis
Throwing Snow — Sanctum
The Brothers Grimm — Exodus (The Lion Awakes)
2 Bad Mice — Limit of Paradise

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