Under the Label : SPE:C

S1E5: Explorations into sci-fi bass music.

Under the Label is a documentary series going behind the scenes at some of the most innovative record labels of the moment. Each month, we’ll take you on a journey into the lives and minds of passionate pioneers, as they push the boundaries of their respective scenes (more).

Episode 5: SPE:C

Releasing bass music that evokes images of sci-fi worlds with artwork inspired by out-of-body meditations, SPE:C is the deeply personal label run by Darwin. Hit play below for the full story.


Production: lockd.tv
Sponsor: FATdrop


Trans A.M. — Speechless
Decka — Begyndelsen
Cocktail Party Effect — How Did You Break?
Significant Other — Delphic
Decka — Metaphysics

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