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Feeder Finance 2.0 & Roadmap— Significant Step Towards DeFi Wealth Management


Believing without a doubt that Decentralized Finance was going to completely revolutionize finance for billions of people who were previously excluded and taken advantage of, we asked how we can accelerate adoption and do our part to accelerate engagement and simplify DeFi for all.

Our answer is to look at the current approach, identify the challenges, and develop a solution. To create a meaningful impact, we set out to build an All-in-One DeFi Platform that would solve current and future challenges through an agile and adaptive model!

Four months, 2,000 community members, and ~$30 million in TVL later, we’ve achieved the first major milestone towards that goal.

Feeder Finance 2.0

Launched on September 7, 2021, Feeder Finance 2.0 shows where the possibilities are for a platform that:

Empower users to be their own wealth managers and achieve financial independence” — Feeder Finance Community Member

The New Look

Feeder Finance 1.0 was incredibly well received by members and users alike. Unlike most platforms, Feeder Finance products are generating sustainable APY from actual products in the ecosystem and do not get artificially boosted by platform rewards as a way to attract short-term TVL. Purely driven by the focus on user experience and interface, the journey from start to finish, and an excellent support process, Feeder Finance 1.0 managed to gather over $2 million in TVL in a little over a month. We’re incredibly proud. Yet, to achieve our goal, we need to be able to support an entire ecosystem, which led to the launch of Feeder Finance 2.0

Feeder Finance 1.0

With a shiny new look and feel, keeping the UX/UI as simple and efficient as ever, Feeder Finance 2.0 now has 48 products on the platform. While missing on our 100 targets (more in a minute), it still covers most of BSC’s major staking options across major target platforms and some of the highest APYs.

Feeder Finance 2.0

Let’s dive into the details!

New Feeder Finance 2.0 Features


The Feeder Finance V2.0 platform search is unlike typical filtering functions present on other platforms but is DeFi’s first keyword-based Search Engine. It learns from user interactions, understands typos, looks for products that a different word could imply, and understands sentences. Give it time and data, and this Search Engine will be more powerful than anything on DeFi!

As Feeder Finance’s product offerings grow, the Search Engine would make navigation and selection highly simple; search for anything from platforms, deposit token, strategy, the types of risk and return profiles, you name it!

Feeder Finance 2.0 — Search Bar


The all-new ‘Invest’ page is informative and helps investors select and strategize easily through the different simple decision-making information.

  • Risk Score provides product risk based on token liquidity, target platform TVL, and strategy; combined into a single risk score
  • Return Score measures the relative product return profile based on the risk category that it fits into; returns typically correlate with risk, and the scoring takes this into account
  • TVL and APY give two of the most critical metrics for investment decisions on DeFi

The ‘Invest’ page also allows for on-page search and filtering with hundreds of products on offer. All metrics can be filtered, and APY/TVL sorted so portfolio allocation can be done efficiently and easily!

Feeder Finance 2.0 — Invest Page

It doesn’t end there; once a product is selected, the user experience is well thought out to allow for simplicity. A great example is the 4Belt swap pool product which targets Autofarm Network’s protocol. A typical investment would require users to head over to Belt.fi to deposit and then take the 4BELT token to yield-optimize at AutoFarm Network. Feeder Finance aims to simplify and improve every detail and, in this example, has aggregated the entire flow into a single deposit page with 4BELT conversion and deposit for yield optimization all within a single page.

Feeder Finance 2.0 — Deposit Box



The sidebar is a new addition to the platform, soon allowing for a complete DeFi experience without ever having to leave the platform. DeFi users are familiar with navigating multiple platforms to swap, wrap, provide liquidity, and often return to where it all started. This is highly time-consuming and inefficient. The ‘Sidebar’ will ultimately allow for anything that needs to be done from a transaction perspective to be done in one platform — Feeder Finance.

Feeder Finance 2.0 — Sidebar


The ‘Portfolio’ page will be among the most important page for the platform in its future development. All investments on the platform are broken down into each token, then uncollapsed into products of that token. Each deposit token will have its own metrics of daily $ return and APY, among other data. Deposit and withdrawals can be made for the deposited and other possible options, right from the Portfolio page. This makes managing and strategizing portfolio allocation much more simple. It won’t stop here, the potential to expand its capabilities is significant, and we’ll talk more about it in a minute.

Feeder Finance 2.0 — Portfolio

What’s Next for Feeder Finance?

Feeder Finance — Roadmap Septmber 2021

Feeder Finance 2.0

The launch of Feeder Finance 2.0 marks the beginning of a new era for DeFi where billions can enter DeFi without any of the hassle, a friendly interface, a simple flow, and a supportive community.

There is yet more to be done, and here is how we’re planning to keep stepping forward towards our goal:

AutoStaking (September)

Feeder Finance now covers most of the BSC staking TVL, with a total of 48 products on the platform. The team faced a couple unforseen hurdles very near the launch and had to make a couple last minute decisions to make sure the 2.0 launch is right on time. Let us elaborate, close to 30 vaults have been completed, and tested, but have failed pass our security process due to platform risk. We’ve found functions, not mentioned in target’s docs, that makes us uncomfortable for users’ funds. We’ll likely need a separate section, or a way to identify, higher risk profile. Save those 30; there are a couple more to go to reach a point where Feeder Finance would have aggregated 90% of all staking products TVL on BSC. We could have kept going on the AutoStaking front but given that we’ve covered enough grounds on AutoStaking, the team decided to move AutoFarming forward instead to give our users more high return products earilier than planned.

AutoFarming (September onwards)

With AutoStaking complete, we’ll move towards the much anticipated AutoFarming product category. AutoFarming contracts are audited and completed; however, Feeder Finance isn’t about releasing products at lightning speed without giving our user experience and security much thought. We focus on making DeFi hassles-free and straightforward. To maximize simplicity for users, we’ll need roughly two weeks after the V2.0 launch to get a couple of things in place: A Dex Aggregator and an AutoConverter.

DEX Aggregator & AutoConverter (Week 3–4, September)

A frequent and long-time request by our members and users to allow seamless experience on Feeder Finance with DEX and LP Conversion tools, we’re about to deliver! Farming LPs require users to provide liquidity by adding two tokens into the liquidity pool and taking the receipt token (LP token) to a farming pool where additional rewards (APY) are generated. To simplify the process and to keep the entire journey on Feeder Finance, we’ll be adding two new DeFi Tools:

  1. Dex Aggregator: Swapping necessary tokens for any product a user aims to invest in (think 1Inch).
  2. AutoConverter: Providing liquidity through the platform without manually doing it on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, i.e., creating LP tokens (think Zap).

Feeder Finance 2.5

The completion of AutoStaking, the launch of AutoFarming, and the addition of Dex Aggregator and AutoConverter officially finalize the foundation. The next key milestone will be the launch of major additional revenue-driving business units.

Market Data (Week 4, September to Week 3, October)

The Bloomberg of DeFi is coming to Feeder Finance. You’ll notice that one important feature of the ‘Invest’ page is missing in the V2.0 upgrade, it’s the ability to select products from the top-level tokens. While the ‘Portfolio’ page does the job, this seemingly unnoticeable flow in the user journey is highly crucial, and its importance will become clearly visible with the ‘Market Data’ page addition. Ultimately when investing in DeFi, it really comes down to which token the investor is generating APYs from and how. The Market Data page will make this process, from historical returns, product selection, risk profiles, and more, simpler and intuitive.

Portfolio Page V1.0 (Week 4, October to Week 1, November)

If you like our ‘Portfolio’ page, you’ll love what we’ll do with it! The portfolio page is arguably one of the most popular features of Feeder Finance 1.0 and will be even more popular with 2.0. But we don’t stop there; investors need to know how they are performing over time, their risk and return compositions, and how their token accumulation is going, among other analytical data. Thanks to the back-end development for ‘Market Data,’ these things will be a powerful addition to complete the first phase of our ‘Portfolio’ page.

NFT-Powered Premium Subscription (Week 2, November to Week 1, December)

When we think of what makes Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon among the most highly valued companies globally, we associate that with a subscription business model. Why? The cash flows are highly scalable, consistent, and predictable. Months before the NFT bull market resurfaced, the team discussed and planned to expand Feeder Finance’s revenue stream through a subscription model. NFT allows smart contracts to be turned into subscription-based businesses that are automated, scalable, and virtually free of costs. Now imagine Feeder Finance adopting a freemium model with tons of features offered for free but can become even more useful with a monthly premium subscription which can be extended through an NFT. Essentially a membership card. All revenues are flowing back to our community from buybacks and distribution.

Feeder Finance 3.0

Finally, looking slightly further into the future, we’ll enter the final stages of foundational development and begin our exponential expansion phase:

Portfolio V2.0

Building wealth and a business with DeFi is the future, aiming to facilitate that on the Feeder Finance platform. The final goal of our ‘Portfolio’ page is to achieve the ability for users and agents to manage crypto assets and yield generation with ease. Managing your funds, optimizing automatically, preset strategies, and helping others achieve their financial goals with mechanics management/referral fees. Feeder Finance will allow investors to build wealth and managers to build a business with DeFi, unlike anything in DeFi.

Feeder Finance In-House Vaults

You say it, we build it! Our ability and flexibility to iterate on ideas/feedback give us, arguably the entire DeFi industry, an edge over traditional banking. As our foundational development starts to finalize, we’re aiming to innovate on the product side again. Starting with AutoStaking: AutoDiversify by solving the high gas problem and developing a long list of ideas for many other unique in-house products, some of which are DCA-type products and AutoFarming: Auto Diversify.

Feeder Finance Becomes Multi-Chain

It’s time. Towards the end of the year, we’ll have more clarity on security, but also, as a platform, we’d be ready to scale exponentially to access larger untapped markets across chains. Growing fees can be sent back to BSC, buyback FEED, and redistribute to the staking pool.

Other Developments

Backend Housekeeping (October) — Many APIs and vaults were added to the platform since Feeder Finance V1.0. It is good practice and a good time to clean up the backend to allow for more efficient development.

Farm Referral Page (Week 4, September) — Many users have spread the word about the platform and our project to friends and families. Since its launch, our farm has had a referral system working in the background; however, it lacks a useful front-end interface to allow for referrals fees to be more easily tracked.

Final Thoughts

The following thread by our supportive member pretty much sums up what we’ve achieved thus far.

DeFi is ~$100 billion in size today, and it’s not impossible to expect it to grow by as much as 10x over the next 2–3 years. Really, it isn’t; think about this: Gold as an asset class is $11 trillion in market value, Equities and Bonds combined are approximately $230 trillion. Were global asset allocation in aggregate to reallocate 1% to DeFi, that’s already +20x in DeFi TVL growth. How much of your asset allocation is in DeFi today?

As an industry, we’re only scratching the surface here, and to think that Feeder Finance aims to be the gateway to which a portion of the billions, if not trillions, in new capital will flow through is just mind-blowing. It takes very little, but we’re capable of a lot. As a team, we’re incredibly excited for Feeder Finance’s future, and we hope you are too.

Feeder Finance Team

Feeder Finance reimagines the DeFi journey with a simplified user experience, multichain vault aggregation, on-platform swapping tools, and much more — Think less, Earn more.

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