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Feeder Finance — A Way to Grow Better


Built on a solid foundation of community commitment and growth, the launch of our V2.0 platform will set the path towards Feeder Finance becoming the ecosystem’s DeFi platform leader. To celebrate a significant milestone of $20 million TVL, let’s look back at how much we had achieved in mere four months and how we’ve done it.

Feeder Finance Platform Growth Statistics

3.7x Platform Active User Growth over 8 Weeks

Platform Active User Statistics

Since the launch of our V1.0 DApp, our 28-Day Active Users has grown close to 4 times, from 1,720 to 6,320 users. The 28-Day Active Users figure shows the number of people visiting the platform on a rolling 28-day timeframe and is an important measurement of real engagement with our platform. The figure suggests platform usage correlates with additional product offerings and launches of new features and development. We expect another inflection point with the V2.0 upgrade and the regular stream of new product launches over the next couple of months.

733% Growth in Weekly Pageviews and over 6 Minutes Time of Site

Platform User Engagement Statistics

Our DApp weekly page views have grown by over 700% during the same period, from 3,000 to over 22,000 page views, showing that the excitement for the platform is attracting our users back daily.

Our Bounce and Exit rates are acceptable but could be improved to target a Bounce range between 40%-50% and Exit below 50%. Both statistics can be misleading as many of our users come on the platform to check the status of their investments; however, we aim to improve engagement with V2.0, and therefore, these figures should trend towards a lower percentage. Learn more about Bounce and Exit rate here.

Among the most promising figures is our users’ Average Time on Page printing as high as 6:37 minutes. This figure suggests the platform in its current state already provides essential value to users from researching, making decisions, or simply keeping the Portfolio or Dashboard pages open to keep track. We aim to expand on our service offerings for portfolio capabilities and market data in future platform iterations to expand on these aspects.

Over $3 Million in Liquidity Pool and Close to $20 Million in Market Cap

Feeder Finance has created close to $20 million in value for our community and has among the largest liquidity pool relative to our stage and community size. The commitment and conviction of our community are uncommon compared to most BSC projects of our stage. We attribute this to

  1. Dedication to delivering value with product and platform development from the ground up
  2. Consistent and professional community engagement inciting trust and comfort
  3. A business strategy and plan that has the potential for expansive growth which is simple yet clear and achievable


The growth of Feeder Finance value and platform usage has, for the most part, been driven by development progress and value created by the platform. Since the launch of Feeder Finance Platform V1.0 in early July, we have seen close to 4x user growth, 7x pageview growth, and strong supporting statistics for engagement like lengthy time on site. The Feeder Finance team monitors these statistics closely to both prioritize and strategize on development plans. The Feeder Finance V2.0 overall features and UX/UI design, including foundational for future iterations, have been carefully laid out to align with a data-driven approach that is long-term and sustainable.

Our Marketing Approach

“Marketing” is neither an art nor science, it is dynamic in nature, and there is no single recipe for success. There are multiple approaches to marketing, each with relatively predictable short- and long-term outcomes given successful execution. Many short-term marketing strategies sacrifice long-term relationships, compromise values, and can be misleading, jeopardizing the project’s reputation and community’s trust.

At this stage in the crypto industry, investors and users are far more knowledgeable, skeptical, and have greater expectations than ever. Today’s investors and users of a DeFi platform have expectations that are far more than just the short-term; switching costs are high. Therefore, stability, longevity, and trust are critical.

Feeder Finance was launched with the vision to become a leader in DeFi and to grow with the industry that soon will be the center of global finance. Our team has strategically positioned all Feeder Finance activities and management for long-term and sustainable growth — focusing on a better way to grow.

To grow better, Feeder Finance aims to deliver a superior community and user experience through a holistic and organic marketing strategy.

Let us walk you through how our holistic and organic marketing strategy works by referring to the following illustration:

Holistic and Organic Marketing Strategy

Feeder Finance’s growth and momentum has and will depend on three things:

  1. Attract: Through Inbound Marketing, we attract users we are confident we can retain, engage, and delight. Attracting the members and users that are the right fit for the product, platform, and community, we hope to set in motion a self-sustaining loop that keeps Feeder Finance growing.
  2. Engage: After having attracted high-quality and long-term-minded members and users, the platform, from the ground up, was designed to interact with users engagingly. The simplicity and user journey, all of which were carefully thought through and discussed before implementation. The team ensures that communication between the team, the community, and users lead to long-term relationships.
  3. Delight: All of the above ensure members and users are engaged, satisfied, and supported long after their initial interaction with the platform and community. Members’ and users’ suggestions that regularly get implemented on the platform also create a feedback loop of improvements that delights. The platform business strategy was reimagined in its entirety based on these suggestions. Delighted members and users become our sales force that grows by the day, with a far more impactful reach than any other strategy or paid marketing.

The outcome of our strategy was clearly shown in the earlier data section but also through:

  1. A recent survey that suggests most members discovering Feeder Finance through “Family and Friends”
  2. A growing number of influencers are motivated to support us purely through their diligence and will
  3. Strong and committed community and investor base reflected in approx. 90% of FEED token getting staked/farmed

At Feeder Finance, we do marketing differently, but time and time again, it has shown that our strategy succeeded in bringing together a great community and a sustainable platform growth.

Finally, let us share this:

“When Airbnb was going through Paul Graham’s Y Combinator program, Graham told Chesky:

“Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.”

People who really love a product will make it go viral, Graham told him.

“If you want to create a great product, just focus on one person,” Chesky advised the crowd. “Make that one person have the most amazing experience ever.”


Feeder Finance Team




Feeder Finance reimagines the DeFi journey with a simplified user experience, multichain vault aggregation, on-platform swapping tools, and much more — Think less, Earn more.

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