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Feeder Finance Weekly Update —Lending Audits Brewing and More!


  • Lending smart contract submitted to PeckShield; front-end development and product launch marketing line-up in progress
  • Portfolio upgrade progressing well with key milestone expected mid-week
  • New currency toggle added to the platform with 15 new currency options
  • DAppradar banner is live and 4 Medium articles sponsored over the week

Feeder Finance P2P Lending

Feeder Finance Lending

The Brief: A new paradigm of lending in DeFi allows for true peer-to-peer (P2P) lending where the lender and borrower connect directly to strike a loan agreement through a smart contract. Lenders and borrowers can set terms from any token as collateral to lend in stables, the LTV ratio, interests, the period of the loan, and more. No oracles are needed, just two people agreeing on a deal through a decentralized platform. Collateral can be deposited while locked into one of almost 200 autocompounding vaults on Feeder.Finance. Loans represented by NFT can be traded on a marketplace to capture changes in market interest rates or bought and sold for quick trades.

Progress: We’ve submitted the contracts to PeckShield earlier this week and are now in the process of developing the front-end for the platform. PeckShield will likely spend 2–4 weeks on the audit, during which time we’ll also start to prepare for a launch event by getting in touch with influencers and project partners.

Portfolio Upgrade

Feeder Finance Portfolio Upgrade

The Brief: Feeder Finance platform currently supports a portfolio overview that makes analysis of investments on Feeder Finance relatively easy. The upcoming upgrade will show the historical performance of both the portfolio and individual investments and historical transactions. The underlying data tools (“Price Tool”) also open up capabilities for additional market data on the platform like LP prices, token prices, charting tools, and historical APY data.

Progress: We’ve made significant progress this week and, by the looks of it, will have crossed over a major milestone on the Price Tool by this mid-week update (on Wednesday). We’ll provide more color once we get there.

Other Minor Updates

Currency Toggle

Feeder Finance Currency Toggle

We’ve added the ability to change the Portfolio Page to 15 different currencies:


These cater to our core communities, and we’re looking forward to adding more based on our community suggestions!

Project Outreach

  • DAppradar banner is live
  • Sponsored 4 Medium articles including an exclusive on Feeder Finance here

About Feeder Finance

DeFi for new users can be a chaotic experience as many different platforms exist offering similar products or services. On top of that, users are forced to move from one platform to another to complete the DeFi cycle, from swapping, providing liquidity, lending, yield-optimizing, aggregating portfolios.

Feeder Finance aims to simplify this whole process by creating a single point of contact for users and investors of DeFi. Aggregating all products and services into one place over time and allowing investors to easily track investments across these different places through the Feeder Finance platform.

FEED Tokenomics is simple and intuitive. There will be 100 million tokens ever minted. Each token shares the economics of the platform. From TVL-driven fees, user-driven subscription models, and success-driven sponsorship partners. Multiple revenue streams that monetize on all aspects of value added by the use case going back to holders.

Feeder Finance is an organically driven project with a community that hopes to build a sustainable platform that grows, scales, and adapts to the industry. The community’s engagement and support drive marketing, strategy, and development. At its core, the founding team is builders with a long-term mindset; believers of “if you build it they will come”.

Feeder Finance Team

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Feeder Finance reimagines the DeFi journey with a simplified user experience, multichain vault aggregation, on-platform swapping tools, and much more — Think less, Earn more.

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Patrick - Feeder Finance

Patrick - Feeder Finance

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