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Growing the Team & Preparing for P2P Lending Launch— Feeder Finance Update


Over the past week, we’ve released the lending offer creation side of lending, released a couple of new vaults on BSC and AVAX, and did a lot of work on polishing the lending UI/UX per our early access users’ comments.

Next week, we’ll finalize the UI, prepare documentation for our roadmap lending docs, and continue our polishing of lending. We’ll likely also increase the tiers with access to lending with a couple of critical updates are released.

Let’s dive in!

Feeder Finance P2P Lending Revolution

Feeder Finance P2P Lending
  • Our early access lending platform features borrower offers where lenders would come in to bid with their best terms.
  • We’re happy to announce we have completed this week’s milestone by releasing the lender offer functionality. We’re undergoing polishing of the UX/UI/copy.
  • At its current stage, both lender and borrower can create offers to bid on by platform participants.
  • Aside from general polishing of the UX/UI, we have one critical additional problem to solve before documentation can start. We hope that critical updates and documentation can be finalized by this week and a roadmap released shortly after.
  • Included in the roadmap will also be our plans for lending feature expansions and what we hope to build next beyond lending; surely that’s what you guys are hoping to learn more about; you will soon!

Vault Updates

Feeder Finance Vaults Launch
  • We’ve released three new vaults tactically this week:
  • INSUR-BNB from multiple user requests
  • The GRAPE and WINE AutoFarming of Grape Finance (New Tomb-fork on AVAX) seeing that many Feeders are into Tomb-forks of late.

Other Updates

  • We’ve onboarded a new front-end dev to join the team. He’ll be helping Jimmy, Pandit, and Rafael with our development work with a focus on UX/UI.
  • Pandit is shifting his role towards more major updates involving blockchain development
  • Rafael is finalizing some backend Lending TVL data for us and is working on referral backend data in preparation for a new Referral UI

Feeder Finance Team

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About Feeder Finance

DeFi for new users can be a chaotic experience as many different platforms exist offering similar products or services. On top of that, users are forced to move from one platform to another to complete the DeFi cycle, from swapping, providing liquidity, lending, yield-optimizing, aggregating portfolios.

Feeder Finance aims to simplify this whole process by creating a single point of contact for users and investors of DeFi. Aggregating all products and services into one place over time and allowing investors to easily track investments across these different places through the Feeder Finance platform.

FEED Tokenomics is simple and intuitive. There will be 100 million tokens ever minted. Each token shares the economics of the platform. From TVL-driven fees, user-driven subscription models, and success-driven sponsorship partners. Multiple revenue streams that monetize on all aspects of value added by the use case going back to holders.

Feeder Finance is an organically driven project with a community that hopes to build a sustainable platform that grows, scales, and adapts to the industry. The community’s engagement and support drive marketing, strategy, and development. At its core, the founding team is builders with a long-term mindset; believers of “if you build it they will come”.



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