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Launching Revolutionary Vault Lending & Chain Expansions — A Feeder Finance Roadmap


  • Find out what we’ve achieved since our launch in April 2021
  • Check out our massive chain expansion plans which will cover 700+ vaults and 10+ chains
  • We’re also releasing a one-of-a-kind new P2P lending with many additional features in the pipeline
  • Finally, Feeder Finance is launching Feeder Finance Labs to push forward on new innovation in DeFi; soon launching a pilot project that combines all that is great with the current DeFi protocols but better!

Recap of 2021 and Our Progress so Far

Launched in April 2021 to create a product that simplifies DeFi by creating a diversified yield aggregator, the project quickly turned into a high-caliber machine for DeFi investment —” The All-in-One DeFi Platform.”

Today, Feeder Finance offers over 200 vaults across three chains, as well as swapping, zapping, portfolio management, historical returns, and returns charts. These are just the foundational pieces…

Below are snapshots of the significant achievements of the project:

  • Feeder Finance launched on Binance Smart Chain to create a unique and highly complex vault for diversified yield aggregation.
  • Security audit received from CertiK and Peckshield, two among the most respected auditors in the space.
  • Strategy shift from a product-focused to an All-in-One DeFi Platform to simplify the experience. Feeder Finance was no longer about a single product but about harnessing the collective productivity of the industry and helping the ecosystem thrive by focusing on user experience and interface.
  • Released one of DeFi’s first algorithmically-driven Search and Filtering Tool to prepare for the exponential product offering growth in what we called Feeder Finance 2.0
  • Improved user experience on the platform with AutoConverter (Zap) and the Exchange (DEX Aggregator), and multiple Portfolio functionality upgrades
  • Expanded to Fantom Opera in our first step towards becoming a Multi-Chain DeFi platform, then to Avalanche as we prepare for a Multichain industry
  • Added the first stage of Social DeFi angle on the platform with much more to come

These are merely highlights; through our ten-month journey, hundreds of large and small features on the platform serve as foundational building blocks that we’ll continue to build on top of to prepare for the crypto mass adoption.

So what’s next?

The Exponential Growth Phase — Over 700 Vaults across +10 Chains

Feeder Finance Chain Expansions

DeFi has completely changed from just a year ago to today. There were two chains, and people either picked the lower gas option (BSC) or, the more secure but expensive (ERC). Today, at least five are heavily used and over a dozen chains with vibrant DeFi ecosystems.

Feeder Finance will not pick and choose; we will be in all of them!

In Q2–2022, we’ll release an additional five chains and get us to 500 products. All new vaults will have the ability to be borrowed or lent with our new P2P lending protocol.

Where are we going? Easy, Everywhere!

Revolutionizing DeFi Lending with a Fully Flexible Peer-to-Peer Lending!

Feeder Finance P2P Lending

Feeder Finance’s Peer-to-Peer (“P2P”) Lending protocol will be among the first to offer complete flexibility to lend and borrow any token and NFT!

We’ll walk you through all of the use-cases and identify the launch feature; it’ll be unique from the start that much we can tell you!

Let’s dive in!

The Basics

Feeder Finance P2P Lending Structure

At the core, P2P lending allows borrowers and lenders to strike a deal based on agreed-upon terms.

  • What is the collateral
  • What is getting borrowed
  • How long will the loan last
  • What are the interest on the loan

By striking deals between two parties, no liquidation event will happen until the term ends.

It’s a simple check; have funds been returned?

  • Yes. The borrower walks away with his collateral and the lender with his funds and interest.
  • No. The lender walks away with the collateral and can liquidate it to recover his funds.

The killer feature of Feeder Finance’s P2P lending is not simply the P2P functionality but the ability to allow the collateral to keep yield farming while it is getting used to back a loan; using traditional vault Receipt Tokens (“RTs”). Similar to how the industry’s leading delegated validators are turning native crypto into liquid staking tokens.

Feeder Finance’s vault contract will turn tokens in DeFi (single and LPs) into yielding RTs, where underlying assets sit inside auto-compounding vaults while representing RTs, are able to be lent or used as collaterals for borrowing. Virtually unlocking liquidity while token holders are maximizing returns.

The Improvements and Uses Cases

Throughout our updates and releases, Feeder Finance P2P Lending will grow its use cases from simple token collateral/lending to NFT lending and finally Decentralized Lending Exchange (“DLEX”).

Here is the flow of improvements:

  • Launch P2P Lending with Lender and Borrow Offers and Bids
  • Marketplace created for the trading of loans; through its embedded NFT technology
  • Adding support for lending and borrowing of NFTs
  • Adding DLEX functionality, which in simple terms are a pooled P2P lending structure allowing exchanging of tokens between lenders and borrowers using fixed terms set by lenders. This would essentially allow lenders to “be their own bank/pawnshop”.

How do any of these products/features improve DeFi?

  • Basic P2P Lending: Allows any token to be lent or borrowed, creating liquidity for investors that otherwise would not be possible.
  • Better Economics with Receipt Tokens: As the collateral grows in value/quantity, borrowers are able to reduce their borrowing cost; in some cases even eliminate it. In turn, lenders are also able to demand higher rates. A win-win scenario for both parties.
  • Insuring Yield Farming: As investors yield-farm with vaults, they could see those assets as risky, be it from price fluctuations or exploits, and seek insurance options. Taking out a loan effectively offers partial insurance coverage of those assets.
  • The Loan Marketplace: P2P lending has one pain point, it locks up capital for the lender. The launch of the marketplace not only gives the lender liquidity but also allows for long-term loans to be created as lenders would be more willing to lend if they are able to exit prematurely.
  • DLEX: Creating loans on an individual basis allows for opportunistic lenders or borrowers to strike advantageous deals. Nonetheless, lenders wanting to scale their lending business could opt for a pooled option where terms are set and funded in advance, letting borrowers come in with assets that meet the terms and automate the lending process.

Learn more about how Feeder Finance Lending works at our docs

Many more things to come!

As we plan for our roadmap, the industry has been changing and shifting so rapidly that plans constantly change. It was said that months in DeFi is like years in TradFi. The reality is that it is really weeks in DeFi, not months, that feels like years.

As we think about how we’ll develop Feeder Finance going forward we need to plan for all potential outcomes for the industry and the sustainability of our platform. How we’ll grow our products and services in such a way that will allow us to stand out among the legacy platforms to welcome the masses that have yet to come for DeFi true use cases.

Minting tokens by the millions to incentivize usage is the days of the past, pegged tokens with no use cases have proven to be failures, unproductive Treasuries backing HOLDing mindset has been killed by game theory resolutions. We’ve seen this coming and have stayed away from it and will continue to focus on what matters to real DeFi users.

These are headlines of what we’ll work on next and you’ll hear more about them in our next release of our audio update (stay tuned for that in our announcement channel):

  • DeFi Short Selling — Enabling short selling of any token built on top of Feeder Lending protocol
  • Decentralized OTC — Trade whale sizes the way it is supposed to be traded
  • Portfolio Performance Tracking — Multi-Chain Aggregated view of your portfolio
  • Product/Market Notifications —Stay up to date with DeFi yields changes and product highlights in real-time
  • Bridge Aggregator — Making the multi-chain experience much more seamless
  • New V2 Exchange — Building our own DEX Aggregator but better
  • New V2 Converter — The All-in-One Multi DEX Converter (The “Mother of All Converter” as we call it internally)

Final Words

The Feeder Finance team from day one aimed to build a useful platform for DeFi users. A platform that simplifies and improves the experience of the tens of thousands of current users and the millions that will join DeFi and Feeder Finance in the years to come. Help us build it, be a part of it, and through FEED, collective govern and benefit from its success. LFG!




Feeder Finance reimagines the DeFi journey with a simplified user experience, multichain vault aggregation, on-platform swapping tools, and much more — Think less, Earn more.

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