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Shape the future of CAPITOL
Let’s design a renewed visual identity.

Save or Cancel is looking to recharge CAPITOL’s identity and we know that the talented community of creatives can do so much more!

2020 Cultural Hub CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theater

The historical ensemble offers, for the audience of cinema, theater or variety shows, as well as of various cultural events — a new, re-discovered space located in the center of Bucharest, Romania, in an area recognized for cultural and recreational activities, with an interesting potential as a space for exhibition of culture but also helping to generate it. Space can be invested with a dual purpose.

The first conceptual function has a memorial role — the ability to integrate and display a part of the existing culture and its associated functions, delivering them into the present, materialized. The second role is continuous urban regeneration through the “social construction of the object“, found at the convergence of existing culture artifacts with the present, always a renewed moment.

In this particular case, the CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre has reached the brink of destruction due to the damage caused by the earthquake in 1977, but also owing to forgetfulness. This space emerged from a necessity of the developing city, and was animated until it was out of use, and occasionally after that moment.

In the particular case of historical monuments, the time dimension is a factor of particular importance and any intervention, such as conversion, must not only emphasize this dimension but also enhance it.

The analysis of the cultural hub phenomenon, through a conversion of the built heritage, shows that architecture exists in the dimension of time and movement, about which Jean Nouvel states that “One conceives and reads a building in terms of sequences.” Thus spatial configuration allows new sets of dynamic relationships between existing spaces and current needs identified with the community.

Find out more about CAPITOL and the re-generation project, here.

1932 Cinema Capitol, Elisabeta Boulevard, Bucharest, Romania
1941 Cinema Capitol
2016, Pisica Pătrată artistic intervention, Capitol Summer Theatre, 13 Constantin Mille street, Bucharest
2017, Capitol Summer Theatre, 13 Constantin Mille street, Bucharest | photo © Alex Iacob,

CAPITOL needs more than just a logo. It needs an identity system:

  • What are the elements we should keep and enhance?
  • How is the history of CAPITOL able to inspire the image of a contemporary multidisciplinary hub?
  • What typefaces should we use and why?
  • How should the typography work?
  • How would the icons look?
  • How does the website relate to the printed posters?

We’re looking for a team or an individual that is able to help create an entire brand identity for CAPITOL. The winning concept will be a design system that is expressive, adaptable, and sustainable. It could be abstract, whimsical, assertive or understated, bold or quirky, emphatic or low-key. Above all, it should speak about the remarkable history and possible future of CAPITOL, as a multidisciplinary cultural hub.

We provide:
– a prize, in a net amount of 1000 lei (aprox. 220 €);
– a chance to refine your idea, sourcing more insights from our team, on additional meetings;
– the promotion or your work.

Are you ready to help shape the future of CAPITOL?

Required files:
– a short bio;
– a link to your online portfolio;
– your proposal .pdf with max. 5 A4 pages, 150dpi.

Follow this link to participate in the open call.

The final date to send proposals is 19th of May 2017.

Selection of the winning idea:

1/3 public online vote.

1/3 a jury panel, composed of Alexandru Ciubotariu (Pisica Pătrată), illustrator and muralist // Dragoș Motică (Ubikubi), designer and entrepreneur // Alina Rizescu & Bogdan Ștefănescu (RIZI), design studio // Paul Dunca (#FLUID), dancer and maker.

1/3 Save or Cancel, represented by Cristina Popa, social designer // Andrei Racovițan, architect.

The winning proposal will be announced on the 27th of May during the CAPITOL talks at CNDB, where a curated selection of entries will be exhibited.

The online announcement: 29th of May, on, and

The open call is a part of the “hub cultural Cinema / Teatrul de vară CAPITOL” cultural project, co-financed by AFCN.

Organizer: Save or Cancel
Partners: ArCub, CNDB, Teatrul Mic, Cinema Marconi, Carol 53 
Media partners: Zeppelin, IQads, Smark, Iqool, Assamblage, Citatepedia,,,

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