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3 Reasons why I Came Back to Writing on Medium as Newbie

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Partner Program Changes

I got the email like everyone else telling me about the upcoming changes to the platform and how there would be a new 100 follower requirement. At the time I had written 4 or so posts but I hadn’t touched Medium in months and felt this weird feeling. It was a feeling of regret for not sticking with it. Even though I have a million reasons why I didn’t have the time but I know at the end @of the day I could have made the time. If I would have done that I would have a year of writing under my belt and might have hit that 100 follower threshold.

Thinking on my regret I decided that getting back on the platform and making that my first goal to hit that follower count. I also took some time to think about what I’am really excited to write about.

More Stability

It’s no secret the past 2 years have been a roller coaster for many categories in our lives, from finances, medicine, housing, etc.. Keeping that in mind I’m in a much different place then I was even a year ago. My family now has a permanent home and I have a stable position working in marketing and IT at a wonderful company. On top of this my wife is finished with her schooling and is interviewing so I would say stability in my personal life has been a great motivator as well. The mindset now is that I’m writing because I truly want to share my thoughts not that coupled with a fear of not being able to pay my rent or buy my kid the things she needs.

Love for Educating

This one kind of wraps a bow on the first two points I made. I have a real love for helping people, whether if its helping someone learn something new or picking them up from a bad spot to get them somewhere safe. I spent 12 years of my life being a civil servant in some fashion. I started as a junior firefighter at quickly deciding to get certified in firefighter 1 (certification that allows you to fight internal fires). Then after turning 16 I decided to add on certified EMT to my passions. I loved the feeling of helping others and when I had enough experience I was able to pass on knowledge to those yearning for it. Even during my 7 years in the Army I prided myself on those I taught in my last 4 years of my service.

All of this for me translates to a just do it kind of moment. I have focused my ideas for what I want to focus on and I’m excited for the moment I get to look back next year and see all of the posts I have made. Hopefully I will help a few people along the way!



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