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5 Simple Ways to Improve Readability for Your Blog Posts

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If you wish to build a successful blog, you must make your posts easy to read. This will get you more visitors and boost your conversion rate.

You can improve the content of your posts for better readability. Edit your posts to make them accessible and enjoyable. You will acquire a wider audience for your blog by giving them a smooth online experience.

Texts that are less complex generate more likes, comments, and shares from readers.


Write your content for people. Try to make your readers feel you are having a conversation with them.

Form the habit of addressing your readers in a personal tone. Use personal pronouns; for instance, “you” and “I”. This captures the readers’ attention and engages them so they keep reading.

Your text should also be at the appropriate age level for your audience. Are you writing for children or adults?


Use fonts that are easy to read. Remember that reading on a screen can be tiring; use fonts that make reading effortless.

Fancy calligraphy fonts are very pretty but you should use them in moderation in blog posts.

Font size is also vital. Ensure that the font size is not too small or too big. Small fonts strain the eyes. Fonts that are too big will take up more space and the reader’s eyes must move back and forth. This causes discomfort while reading.

The color you use for your post also impacts reading. Black is the best choice for body paragraphs unless you want to draw attention to something. A lighter color will lead to eye fatigue for your readers.


As a general rule keep each paragraph at 3–4 sentences. Short paragraphs are easier to read as most readers skip lengthy ones. Each paragraph should consist of one idea.

It is also a good idea to use a single-sentence paragraph.


You should try to write short sentences. Short sentences are considerably easier to read and understand. You will reduce grammatical errors when your sentences are nice and short.

Sentences with more than 20 words are too lengthy. Try and see that you only have a few sentences of 20 words or more in a blog post. Ensure that each paragraph doesn’t have more than one long sentence.


If you consider that images are not needed to improve content readability, that’s not correct. Images break the monotony of too much text. You can use images to divide your text into segments and enhance your post.

When you add images to your content, select images that bring value to your readers. Using relevant images will entice readers and increase views.


If you want visitors to your blog to read to the end of your post, make your text easy to read. Avoid using long sentences and write clear paragraphs.

Improve the readability of your content to give your readers a good reading experience. It will benefit your SEO too.



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