Back on Medium After a Few Months Of Pause

Hoping for another great year on the site

3 min readApr 9, 2022


Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

My last article from 2021 on Medium was towards the end of November. Since then, I have only written one article, in January. I can say that I made a pause for four months mainly, from publishing on the site. I did write though once in a while, but I didn’t finish any article worth publishing.

In other words, I wrote some, but I didn’t publish anything since January.

2021 — Quite a Good Year

In 2021 I had a good year on Medium. I made a total of more than 500 dollars, writing from May to November. Though I was quite excited about my Medium journey and I still am, some people may not see this as good enough. Success is a relative thing. I consider it a win for me because all I did was write on a laptop, having a native talent for it, so it was a huge pleasure doing it.

Please keep in mind that I only wrote from May to November, not the whole year! I had a super-viral story and a few lesser viral ones, but overall it was great.

When I began to write here in 2021, I wanted to make some extra money. The salary of my full-time job was not very good. Then, the company I worked for stopped its activity because of financial reasons. I wanted to continue writing on Medium to see if this writing thing can be turned into a full-time job. It was a struggle, to be honest, but probably because I had to grow faster and for that time I was not making enough so that the writing thing becomes something sustainable.

Eventually this year I found a new job that pays well, but I still want to supplement my income through writing on Medium and I am starting right now a new journey for a new year.

The story with the most views in 2021 was this one from November, having a total of more than 29K external and internal views:

The number of views did not reflect in the money I made with it, because many of the views came from external sources. This story is also the one with the most reads: over 16K.

2022 — Let’s See Where This Goes!

Starting from November, I also achieved a dozen subscribers to Medium’s membership. This made me want to continue with Medium this year and see where this could lead me. I know I shouldn’t have stopped publishing at all, but as we all know, life can give you the unexpected, and sometimes there are other priorities.

I’ll keep writing as often as I can. I noticed that if you are writing constantly on this amazing platform, the stats eventually begin to grow in a very pleasant manner. I also have faith that I can reach more subscribers. Writing combined with gaining more subscribers could lead to very good results.

I don’t write only for the money. I enjoy a lot to write and just knowing that my words can reach so many people around the world is exciting.

Coming back to Medium, I just realized that the platform has changed since I was away. I simply love the fact that now we have the option to play the audio version of stories!

Let’s all have our time here by writing the best content that readers will love, by reading the content we love, contributing to the community, and even making some money in the process.

Medium is here and we shouldn’t take this for granted. It’s a great opportunity and we shouldn’t miss it!