Don’t Let Your Business Be On The Wrong Side Of History

Pivot into adopting a social cause

Nikki Waterson


Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Why should we bring social accountability into our business now?

So here’s something I learnt when I first started Paws for Giving. Social action is at least somewhat necessary to most customers. And to a vocal minority of customers, social action from businesses they support is essential.

More and more, entrepreneurs and businesses are finding that their customers aren’t just buying the lowest priced product. They’re buying for the highest social impact.

So when most people want some degree of social accountability from their businesses nowadays, what does that mean for you?

What is Social Action?

Social action in a business context refers to the activities of an organisation that take into account the interests of society. These interests could be one of the causes already mentioned in this article, any of the hundreds of other causes out there.

For example, by investing in high environmental standards, treating your employees well and supporting worthy causes near you, your business is taking social action to protect the environment and potentially support other causes. Some…