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From an expert: 2 easy ways to beat inflation

Don’t say the “R” word

Time to put your party pants on

Tips for beating inflation:

  1. Invest in yourself: be the best at what you do. If you remain on the path to become better at whatever you’re good at, and slowly become the best, then you’ve got nothing to sweat. When you’re the best at what you do, people will gravitate towards you. Invest is self-growth & development. Never a bad investment when it’s on yourself.
  2. Build a business with higher margins: with so many supply chain issues, staffing issues, etc., the amount of overhead will dictate how much success you’ll have in beating inflation. Trying to sell something that doesn’t cost as much to produce is a positive first step in the right direction. Or even scrapping a tangible product all together and offering an online service might be the next best step. Time to get creative on what your business has to offer.



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