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How I Gained 7.2K Followers on Medium in a Day

Don’t read this! You’ll be disappointed.

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Thanks to Kristina God for enlightening me on the path to gain overnight success with this little trick. Because of her, I was able to gain 7K followers in a day.

Here’s the proof that I’m not lying.

Screenshot from the Author

Is it good enough!

I guess so.

Now it’s time I reveal to you the ultimate key to unlocking the treasure that’ll fill your account with followers. And note that, this trick doesn’t guarantee the same success as I achieved. It could be more than that.

Be prepared!

The Ultimate Key to the Treasure of Followers

Step 1: Open your Medium account and head to your profile page.

Step 2: Right-click on the followers count on your page and select Inspect at the bottom.

Screenshot from the Author

Step 3: Type the number of followers you want to have and press Enter.

Screenshot from the Author

Step 4: Close the inspection tab and see your followers grow.

Screenshot from the Author

Warning: Don’t refresh the page! I repeat, don’t refresh the page! It’ll be disastrous for your followers.

I hope this trick has helped you to gain your desired number of followers. You can follow me for tricks like this.

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