How Medium Led to My Best Professional Year Yet

Sarah Seweryniak
Apr 20 · 4 min read

Medium has given me a lot to celebrate over the last year

Photograph provided by Sarah Seweryniak through her Canva account.

It’s my birthday! I always get in a reflective mood whenever I complete another journey around the sun.

Last year I reflected on lessons I had learned over the course of my three decades on earth.

A lot can happen over our lifetime. A lot can happen over the course of a year even. So this year I’ll take a trip back through the last 12 months because so much has happened with my writing journey, especially through Medium.


A year ago we were scared and confused about what was going on. We didn’t know much about COVID-19 and our world pushed paused as many of us were faced with spending time in quarantine to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of this mysterious virus.

As time moved on and the numbers of infections and death rose it was obvious that we were officially living in a pandemic.

“Now what,” I thought.

Finding focus in the chaos

With the pandemic in full swing, I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home. This helped keep my family and I see while we did our part to try and flatten the curve.

My commute to work is typically 25 minutes each way. So what could I do with 50 minutes added to my day? That’s a little over four hours added to my week! And if you factor in the handful of hours of downtime in the evening, it’s probably almost two hours each day to commit to family and passion projects.

Truth is, I did a lot!

What I did over the last year

I used that time to get back in shape. I started running again. A routine I hadn’t been able to commit to since I gave birth to my daughter three years prior. I lost just shy of 20 pounds last summer. The last remaining bits of baby weight finally came off.

I focused a lot of time on my creative writing. I wrote more on Medium. I created connections with other writers.

I binged a lot of television shows. And when I was done with that I used my time in the evening to take writing and marketing courses.

My writing on the Medium platform opened so many doors for me professionally! That’s right. My focus and dedication to this platform led me to obtain a pretty big client that I had the opportunity to write for:

How did I do that? Great question! Because that’s what I thought when I was recruited. Basically what you put out in the world, especially what you write can easily serve you in the future.

One of my bucket list items was to start my own podcast. And I did that. I married it with my Medium publication @TheContentConnect. I connected with various professionals in my local area and shared personal stories and their expertise in the marketing field.

It’s been an amazing journey over the last year. So where do I go from here?

The road ahead

Looking ahead to the next year I have a lot of plans and ambition.

In the first half of the year, I’ll be focusing on welcoming another daughter to our family. That’s right, in the middle of all this growth professionally, we’ve decided to add a new addition to our family too.

I have added more freelance clients as well that I’m writing for. I can’t believe the good fortune I’ve had with the connections I’ve made and the opportunities I have been given.

I also want to develop a writing course. I also want to start coaching writers who want to be successful in their freelance ventures. I want to share the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way the last year to help other writers become successful in the freelance world.

I also want to continue to grow on Medium. The last handful of months I’ve been successful with challenging myself to publish about five times a week here.

The honest truth is, that may get challenging over the course of the year. I’m going to spend a portion of my time recovering from childbirth and bonding with my new child. That takes priority.

Second, my full-time job and freelance clients get priority too. Why? Well, because they offer the secure payment that will take care of the bills. So my Medium may suffer as a result, but my goal is to not ghost the platform because it’s given me so many opportunities.

I look forward to checking in with you in a year to see what goals I’ve accomplished and where my path has taken me.

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Sarah Seweryniak

Written by

I write about Marketing, Self-Improvement & Parenting | Increase your article read time and grow your Medium following:



Medium is hungry. Feed it.

Sarah Seweryniak

Written by

I write about Marketing, Self-Improvement & Parenting | Increase your article read time and grow your Medium following:



Medium is hungry. Feed it.

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