Medium Custom Domains — How to Get Yours

Guide to Custom Domains on Medium

Andy Kinsey


Custom Code via Pexels

If you are a regular writer and member on Medium you may have wondered at some point about custom URLs. Not least as some large publications have them but others don’t.

Their history seems a little dotted at best, but it basically boils down to Medium not having the internal capacity for the demand. It seems pretty much like supplying all custom URLs with SSLs and ensuring they hit all the right points internally across CDNs was just really complex. (And having worked with the web for over 15 years, I get it).

The good news is that Medium announced Custom Domains are back. AND unlike last time, Custom Domains on Medium are FREE.

How do you get your Free Custom Domain?

(video tutorial at bottom of article)

To qualify for a custom domain you must have:

  • your own personal subdomain (for example I have or a publication.
  • You also need to be a member of Medium.

It’s then a simple three-step process.

  1. Go to Publication/Profile Settings > Select Get Started next to custom