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My One-Month Anniversary With Medium — Here’s What I Learned

Some tips you can follow to save your time.

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Medium is a lovely place to write. You can write about anything you want. No restrictions. No limitations. Lots of readers to read your story. Bigger publications to spread your story.

Spilling out your experiences through your words is a wonderful feeling. Nothing can be much satisfying than teaching others with your experiences. With lots of expectations and a dream of calling myself a ‘writer’, I joined Medium in late 2020. However, I didn’t write a single word until 2021.

For months, I was an avid reader of Medium. During my reading journey, I found some wonderful writers like Tim Denning, Sean Kernan, Tom Kuegler, and Nicolas Cole. Their writing style impressed me a lot. Their advice helped me to pull out my writer part from myself.

I started writing on March 23 and recently completed my one-month anniversary with Medium. In the beginning, it was hard to write. Still, I tried to churn out as much as I can. Some from my past experiences and some from others. Till now, I have published 20 articles (except this one).

This month, I got published in Feedium, The Brave Writer, Illumination, and Data-Driven Investor.

Most of my articles were rejected by bigger publications like Forge, Better Marketing, Making of a Millionaire, and The Post-Grad Survival Guide.

Some publications where I applied for a writer never responded to me. I haven’t given up the hope yet to get published with these publications. While I’m still trying to get my articles published, here’s what I learned from my one-month Medium experience.

Everything has its own pace

Whether you are starting your own blog, starting a YouTube channel, or writing in Medium, everything has its own pace. You aren’t going to get viral with your first post. Unless you are a published writer with a big email list, you aren’t going to get lots of views.

My first article only got 2 views. It’s still the same. But it didn’t keep me from writing more. Out of my 20 articles, the highest views I have got is 39 that was published in Feedium. Here it is:

I know, my views aren’t impressive. But it’s still better than others. It will keep on increasing if I write consistently.

Take an example of popular writers you see now, Tim Denning or Ayodeji Awosika. It took years for them to get that momentum they have now. One thing that helped them to get to that stage was they never stopped writing. They never hurried for the results. They just wrote because that’s what they like to do.

If you really love writing, views and claps won’t stop you from doing so.

You will never get to your perfect article

Accept this: You will never get to your perfect article.

It’s a myth. Everyone telling you to write a perfect article are liars. They don’t mean it.

Writing a perfect article is impossible because you will never be satisfied of whatever you write.

Thriving for perfection is a sign of self-doubt. You thrive for perfection because you don’t believe in yourself. You are afraid of hitting that ‘publish’ button. You believe you have written shit and no one’s gonna read it. So you try to write it perfectly discarding any typos or weird voices. But you never find your perfect article and in the end, it finds its last place in the trash.

Forget about perfection, write what’s good. To double-check, go to the profile of any writer you admire and scroll to the last article you can find. Open it and read it. Compare it with the recent article. Tell me if you find any difference. I bet, you will see changes in the writing style, voice, and pattern.

Everything changes. The way you write today will not be the same tomorrow. And believe me, everyone has written shit in their first draft. So get up, move your ass off the couch, publish that draft sitting on your computer for a long time. Get your hands moving.

Never stop submitting to publications

Medium has thousands of active readers. That’s the best part of it because you will definitely get someone to read your article.

But what if you want to add few more readers to your list? That’s where publications come in. Instead of waiting for someone to find you, submit your pieces to these publications. They have thousands of followers reading their content daily. You will have your chance of getting seen.

It doesn’t matter whether the publications are big or small. Look for those that match your content. Hit the submit button once you find one. Don’t feel dejected if they reject you. Maybe they find your article unfit for their publication. Maybe you have made some errors in your writing.

Every publication has its own guidelines to get published. Read them carefully and submit your pieces accordingly. Even if you get rejected, try it again. But don’t stop. I don’t reckon how many times I was rejected by Better Marketing. But I still submit my pieces. Never lose hope.

You can congratulate me on my one-month anniversary with Medium in the comments below (if you want, no pressure). I am still a newbie to this newly discovered platform. Giving my best to publish my valuable information in front of readers. If you are reading this article, I want you to never stop writing.

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