Passion VS Inspiration: Which will you follow for your profession?

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Fortune has his passion as a profession. Be the one, and you will find a thousand ways for leads and massive sales.

What is passion meaning in the profession? Are our passion and inspiration the same?

During my freelancing journey, I met a lot of people who inspired me. They were business persons, freelancers, designers, motivational speakers, and of course, writers. They were top-rated and experts in their field. They enjoy their work and inspire hundreds of hearts.

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What is passion?

Passion is something that you desire to do for yourself. Something that motivates you to do more. Something that lives within you throughout your life, and you choose it. It gives you limitless energy, provides you the willpower to do and achieve your goals.

What is inspiration?

You met hundreds of people in your life, and you loved their attitude and determination toward their goals. Inspiration is something that stimulates you to do something. It arose an uplifting feeling to do the same in life.

How do they differ?

Liz Murray was homeless at the age of 15 and, she, despite her problems, made her life. How she deals with chaos is an inspiration. But sometimes, inspiration had a negative influence as well. People can not understand the difference between passion and inspiration. When they get inspired by others, they try to copy them and or pursue their dreams. Money, power, and fame also inspire others.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” — Bishop T.D. Jakes

Where are your dreams? Have you been born to follow the dreams of others? Have you not your uniqueness in your personality? Yes, you have. But you do not want to trust it. You trust the journey of your inspirational celebrity. But are you ready to face that kind of struggle? Ask yourself.

Which will you follow for professional life and income?

Both are important factors to drive your high income. You can have inspiration from others as inspiration keeps you going. It cheers your mood but, it is not sustainable. So, passion is sustainable as it lives within you. It is a Monday motivation.

A passionate person will do hard work to achieve his goals. He will polish his skills and keep himself updated. His sheer determination and self loyalty will attract others, and they will inspire.

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I met a lot of people who inspire by my writing and poetry skills. They offered me paid consultation to learn. I agreed to a few questionnaire rounds before the session start. I wanted to know that either they learn because of money or dreamwork or passion inspires them. So, the question was about passion, desires, and inspiration. But, there was a lot of confusion, and they wanted to achieve the dream of others as they did not trust their abilities.

It was a shock to me. To generate income like Bill Gates or to-be like Shahrukh Khan, you do not need to follow their passion and profession. They are inspirational people. But, you are a master of something different.

You can take inspiration, add it to your dreams and cook a delicious cuisine of success.

Why do you not polish your skills more? Believe me. You can drive income in ways you do not know. Do not underestimate your exceptional qualities. Take your time and analyze your dearest path. What did you want to do? Which profession makes you happy. When you choose the profession of your interest, you will not tire of anything. You will feel spring around you. High spirits!

“Follow your passion — not your parents’, not your teachers’ — yours.” — Robert Ballard.

Inspirational thoughts, motivation, and passion are three ingredients for success. It is a wager that all three should connect and lead toward your dreams.

Fortune has his passion as a profession. Be the one, and you will find a thousand ways for leads and massive sales.

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