Screw fresh content. Here’s what I actually did this week

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3 min readMar 7, 2022


Yes, my Instagram posts you saw this week were scheduled and stale.

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I searched for the word ‘Free’ on Unsplash and this picture of a sleeping monkey popped. It couldn’t be more relatable to me at this point.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been all lazy. Yes, I haven’t been writing on my blog much. But I’ve been trying to focus on social media more.

I’ve always depended on Google and SEO for all my traffic and revenue on my site. The thought of actually building a sustaining community never occurred to me before.

I’ve run my blog for 3 years now and still never did I ever focus on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest much. I did post on and off, but never with consistency. I never cared — I was getting my traffic anyhow.

But over the course of time and almost a hundred articles on my site, SEO isn’t enough.

When bloggers say they spend 15-20 hours working, a lot of it goes on updating their old content.

Afterall, that’s how SEO works. Fresh content, yay! Old content, push it down to the second page, will you? That’s where the idea of building a community kicked in.

Communities aren’t looking for answers to their questions. They’re looking to discuss and stay in touch with the topic.

Building a community

One way is building an email list, the other’s social media. And the latter is inevitably more interactive than traditional emails.

I’ve been making 25 replies a day on Twitter and Tweets throughout the day.

My Instagram and Facebook pages have posts scheduled every single evening.

I honestly am no expert with this but I hope this helps me build the community I seek.

No, I don’t run behind having a million followers, I care about building an engaged community where all of us truly care about the discussion.

Where all the words and content strive to make a change in our lives.

I took a long break!

Yes, being active on social media is all I did this week. I don’t regret a bit of it.

I gave myself a break from all the writing. No, I had no writer’s block — I simply took a step back.

This tiny post is the first thing I’ve been working on after the break. I don’t regret a bit of it. In fact, I think I needed the break.

I think we all need a break from time to time.

Take a few days off your work, think less of your finances and spend on all your favorite food. Spend when your head still has hair — give yourself a treat.


I don’t think this was very helpful as a productivity and a self article. But it’s worth reminding yourself here and there.

I attended a melancholic event this weekend and realized how short our lives are.

Work’s important. Career’s important. So are many many things that we work tirelessly for everyday.

But live a little too :)



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