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The Best Medium Advice Articles for May from Feedium

Hey everybody! J.J. Pryor here.

I hope you’re staying safe out there, these are surely troubling times we’re living in.

This month’s newsletter is a bit delayed, my apologies!

Feedium is so close to hitting 500 followers (491), which is amazing! It’s looking like myself, Robert, and all of the guest writers’ work is truly having an impact (and hopefully helping) many other Mediumites out there.

I’d be super grateful if you shared Feedium with any of your Mediumite friends, we’d love to hit 500 this month!

Now, on to the good stuff.

I also had the pleasure of doing a massive related guest post on Benjamin Davis’s new publication — Fish Food:

Feel free to check them out!

I’d be super appreciative if you share any of the above articles too. And as always, if you want to be a guest writer on Feedium, just flick us an email with a draft and your Medium username. We don’t edit and accept everything related to blogging or Medium itself.


J.J. Pryor

writetojjpryor@gmail.com or arturner67@icloud.com



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