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This is How I Got My 100 Genuine Followers on Medium

Everyone should do it in the right way.

This is How I Got My 100 Genuine Followers on Medium
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Following each other and growing followers has become a trend nowadays. People even create challenges of reaching 100 followers in 24-hours. And because of that getting 100 followers here on Medium is no more a game of patience.

Now, what if you want to get genuine followers? people who really care about what you write, read your articles, and comment.

Instead of taking an easy and short-term path; what if you chose to pick the harder one.

How to get genuine followers

Getting genuine Medium followers is not easy. The game can be fast for some people but for most, the game will be slow. So keep patience.

Now, how can you build a genuine follower base? — My answer will be to engage and build relationships with other creators.

Instead of going for the follow-for-follow trend, focus on improving writing and making it more presentable to your readers. Let your readers decide if they want to follow you. So if they love your article they will follow you.

Why you should not do follow-for-follow

Doing follow-for-follow is not worth it. Having a big follower number can look fancy, but they are useless. They are following you so that you follow them back. Which means they are also playing the same game.

They do not care about your content. Most probably they will never touch your article in the future. So this is why you should never do follow-for-follow.

My story

No matter whatever my follower’s number is all of them are genuine. I have gained all these followers by writing here for over 3 months. I know it is slow growth. But to be honest I do not care.

My focus right now is to provide value and learn on the way.

That is all for the blog.

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