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Why do I want to write for the medium?

If you believe that, I am asking myself this question for the last three days and different answers are coming into my mind & I do not know that any one of them matches my situation. By any chance, if you are thinking why I am asking myself this question, while everyone knows that this platform is best for those who want to make their career successful in content writing & want to write for this platform. However, this platform can give you everything. Firstly, let me tell you how I heard about this platform and how I started writing on it & now why I am confused that I don’t want to write for this platform anymore.

How did everything start:-

I am a 22-year-old Indian girl who likes to write very much, who always wanted to make a career in writing. When I completed my study, I had no idea what next. I did not know anything. How should I start my career in content writing & suddenly I was feeling stuck in this unknown place where I don’t have any idea now what? Trust me, when I am saying this that leaves my close once, even my far-far known persons have no idea about what is Content Writing and how it works & I even don’t know much about it, so I started to research. I read a lot of articles on Google about Content Writing. Apart from this, I watched about 50–100 videos on YouTube. How can I start writing on different platforms?

When I watched so many videos I came to know that there are so many apps, websites on which you can write and make your career successful in the freelance world, but when I watch so many videos I understand to some extent that what I want, & I decided to write for medium. That’s how I started my journey with this app.

I have written so many articles, But I don’t understand which is the first article I want to post. What is the one topic in which I can express my feelings the most? There are so many subjects I wanted to write about & then I decided to write about travel because there is one thing that gives me the most happiness & pleasure is travel. So I wrote my travel article. And start my medium’s journey.

Why now I’m confused about whether I should write on this platform or not?:-

Medium is a very successful platform for writers. At present, about 183.02 million people are using Medium. Why do I have so many second thoughts?

PS:- Jokes on me because I can’t make up my mind about something.


I have given a link to the website above & when I saw this, I realized and was also a little surprised that the traffic audience on Medium, India is the second country with most of the audience on Medium after the USA. But still, India is not a part of Medium’s Medium Partner Program, and I don’t know why it is so, but when someone is starting his career, he needs to make money for that work that is necessary for that person. India’s total audience traffic is 8.79%, which is much less than the US audience traffic by 26.60%, but people of India are still not 100% sure about choosing a new career.

It is not just about me, I have just started, I don’t know whether I am good at it or not, but many talented Indian people on this platform are good writers & they deserve everything. So this is the request from a girl who just started her work for medium, please consider this request, & for what it’s worth, I have decided that my relationship with the medium is not over yet & I will still write for the medium.



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