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Writers from India and Brazil still can’t earn by publishing articles on Medium

Authors and Storytellers from the countries outside the given eligible country list can not opt for Medium Partner Program — a feature program to earn by writing on Medium. Since as of May 2020, in India and Brazil, Stripe is still in preview and beta mode.

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Medium has a remarkable collection of writers, diverse voices, and publishers across domains, interests, and lifestyles. Top authors, leading experts, and emerging storytellers write on Medium daily. Medium partner program (MPP) is the enrollment program through which writers are paid for their articles depending upon the reception on their posts with the total number of views👁, claps👏 and responses✍️, etc. So, Let’s discuss how this MPP program works, What is Stripe and Why not countries like India and Brazil are not included yet.

I started writing and contributing to Medium recently, even though I was a very regular member for years. Today, I was dumbstruck to see India is not included in the Medium Partner Program enrollment country list. Medium is only supporting payments through Stripe — a payment company. Since, the countries where Stripe is not operating currently, native writers from those countries sadly can’t enroll in the program and hence can’t earn💲.

Source: Medium.com

I have read several posts, articles and news to get the latest information and updates regarding India and other Beta countries but no luck. I have come across this medium post which says India is one among the eligible list of countries in 2017. I saw that Stripe announced its preview version in India in 2017. Also, as per other writers who shared screenshots in their articles and posts, India has been included in the list. But later on, removed due to unknown reasons and not available now so don’t be confused. While writing this article, I checked again. Thus I decided to research deeply and help my fellow writers from India, Brazil and other beta countries to gain all the latest updates and insights under one post here. Let’s

Partner Program Eligible Countries

However, authors might have writing as interest and not looking at medium as a source of earning. But the hardship is that writers are getting paid in several other countries. You can find below the list of countries which are included in the MPP-

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

How Partner Progam Works

The Writers who enrolled for Medium Partner Program(MPP) are paid based on how deeply other Medium members read their stories and articles. As members read for more time, writers earn more. In addition, Medium distributes a part of each member’s subscription fee to the authors they read most. Below is the complete process explained in simple steps-

Medium Earning Process. Source: Medium.com

Stripe — the only payment processor

At this time, Stripe is the only payment processor for the Medium Partner Program. However, Stripe is still in the beta “preview” mode in India and “Beta” in Brazil. In my view, Medium can grow manifold in developing countries, especially like India. It should be a no-miss opportunity to lure millions of writers, bloggers and storytellers. Being such a big and well-received platform, Medium should extend its payment support to more than one payment partner now.

While Stripe may have countries that are available in beta or preview mode (Brazil and India), Medium is currently unable to fully support these countries — Medium.

What does Preview and Beta modes mean?

When a Stripe country is in private beta, it means that some features may not be ready in those countries till that time. The point to make a note here is Medium is still unable to pay any revenue to users from India or Brazil while the program is still in the preview or beta phase. So the only option left that is recommended is waiting until Stripe officially launches in India and/or Brazil before joining the Partner Program.

Partner Program Enrollment Steps

Native writers from eligible countries can enroll using their existing Stripe accounts. Visit creators for a more detailed description. There are 2 options provided by Medium -

  1. A Stripe Express account — Select this option if you intend to only receive payouts from Medium.
  2. A Stripe Standard account — Recommended for businesses.

Below is the snapshot of the dropdown of eligible countries which appears if you go ahead and enter above Stripe account details -

And it will ask to enter the mobile number and Stripe account number. Next, You will get access to Medium Partner Program dashboard powered by Stripe where you can check all other payment details.

If you’re a resident of India, Brazil, or any other Stripe “Beta” countries, please see this article to learn more before proceeding for the enrollment.

In the end, as Medium is currently working to expand their offerings, and asking us to bear with them. We wish to get the good news of either Medium or Stripe planning to expand soon in these countries. Until then, we can attract more views👁, claps👏 and followers🙋‍♂️.

Don’t lose hope authors, you are doing great at writing. Keep blogging, writing and growing with Medium.

Happy writing!😀



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