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3.7 Litres Freakshake Challenge | 16 May 2016

Feedmee App have thrown down the gauntlet to daring drinkers across WA by announcing Perth’s biggest charity milkshake challenge.

The contest, held at Cafe 2twentyfour on Belmont Street on Saturday 14th May, dares the Perth’s population to guzzle down 3.7 litres of milkshake in teams of three.

One of the competitors smashed this bad boy under three minutes and helped Feedmee App to donate 100 meals to someone in need through OzHarvest.

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Facebook live streaming from Hit 92.9

22 Inch Pizza Challenge | 8 July 2016

Feedmee in partnership with Mack Daddy’s New York Slice hosted Perth’s biggest pizza challenge. The event happened at 1pm on 6 August 2016.

Four teams of two had 3 mins to finish the 22 inch monster pizza. If they could, Feedmee would donate 100 meals to people in need. The team that had the fastest time would also get a $50 voucher, or another 22 inch pizza to take away.

Raz Ion and Luigi Anselmo finished the 22 Inch Pizza in 7 mins! The fastest time 👍 None of the teams were able to finish them in 3 mins, but Feedmee would still donate 50 meals on behalf of each team — 200 meals in total for the good effort.

Click here to view the donation receipt.

1 KG Gelato Waffle Challenge | 1 September 2016

Feedmee teamed up with Jersey Jack Australia to host Perth’s biggest GELATO WAFFLE TOWER Challenge!

This one kilo monstrous gelato waffle sandwich consists of 3 layers of crispy waffles, 4 scoops of quality gelato in between each layer, another generous scoop of gelato on top, grilled marshmallows, caramel sauce and a mini cone full of delicious melted chocolate.

If the team could finish the waffle tower in 5 minutes, Feedmee will donate 100 meals to people in need through the help of OzHarvest. Unfortunately none of the teams were able to finish the challenge in time. Regardless, Feedmee still donated 50 meals to people in need.

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