Feedzai at Pixels Camp 2019

Pedro Rijo
Feedzai Techblog
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2 min readApr 2, 2019


Pixels Camp is probably the biggest developer conference in Portugal. In March 2019 it had its 3rd edition. As usual, Feedzai was present during the 3 days of the event.

This year we didn’t make our presence felt only with a booth, but we also had our team presenting talks, giving workshops, and participating in the traditional security competition ‘Capture the Flag’ (CTF).

Take a look at our team’s outstanding participation at the Pixels Camp in the following sections of this article.

Pushing HTML Canvas to the Limit — by Luís Cardoso

and the corresponding slides:

Building your first React app workshop — by José Sousa

And you can access the workshop materials at https://github.com/feedzai/first-react-app-workshop

An Intro to Mutation Testing, or why Coverage sucks — by Pedro Rijo

and the corresponding slides:

10x Innovation or: Do Innovators Dream of Electric Sheep?

Security CTF — by Jean Mousinho, José Rebelo, Ricardo Teixeira, and Patricio Baptista

Our team achieved a proud 7th place on the competition, with the same score as the 6th place.


Overall we had lots of fun in these three days. We got to know a lot of people, we shared a bit of what we know with others and learned a lot as well.

We hope to see you there again next year!

Note: the presentations were recorded and should be made available soon at https://www.youtube.com/PixelsCamp