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6 Ways to Wind Down After Stressful Days at Work

We’ve all been there. It has been a long and stressful day at work, there are a million ways to cope with this, which are not good for your health so here are 6 healthy and helpful ways to wind down instead;

Exercise Or Book A Massage

Anything that is physical and gives your mind and body a break from what you are thinking about has to have positive effects. Treat yourself to a massage to totally lose yourself in a relaxing feeling or go to the gym to get rid of some of your frustration and energy. This will give you a physical relief and is much better than hitting the bar or taking it out on a loved one!

Take A Bath

Do just as it says, pour yourself a nice, hot bath, perhaps even light some candles and switch off from the world. You can even read a good book while you’re at it, if you don’t mind getting the pages wet! If you are not a bath person, simply doing something pampering for yourself that calms you can work just as well. Take fifteen minutes to yourself and you will start to feel more relaxed.

Cook your Favorite Meal

You’ve got to eat after a hard day at work haven’t? Why not make it a calm experience. Put the radio on or listen to your friend or other half talk about their day and steadily begin preparing a delicious meal. You will soon forget about the difficulties of the day for a short time and this will give your mind and body the time it needs.

Listen To Music

Put on your favorite track and just try to zone out the stressful thoughts that have made your day so difficult. Focus on the positive things and soon your worries will feel further away.


Focusing your mind for a period of time on a single word and zoning out everything else around you can give you the feeling of being calm as well as helping with stress, anxiety and anger. This can literally give your body a well-deserved rest and can distance you from the stress you have been experiencing.

Talk Things Through

Sometimes, you just need to get it out. Whether it is to your friend, family member or spouse, discussing what is making you so stressed can often make you understand the other side of the story and can help you to unwind. After talking all about it, you may feel exhausted but relieved and can then take some time to properly relax.

Although all of these are just ideas and they may not help you totally after a very stressful day, they are bound to help and can leave you feeling calmer and more prepared to take on the next challenge. Try any of these 6 ways to wind down after a stressful day at work and you may see a difference in yourself.

Feels like you can add to the list? Go ahead and let us know in comments!

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