Feeld on tvOS? Why not.

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2 min readOct 27, 2015


We were curious how a dating app might look like on AppleTV. So we decided to put Feeld on the big screen. It’s a rough concept, but you get the vibes. Despite the great opportunities that tvOS is giving us, humans are still ages away of breaking the social stigma around dating. This doesn’t stop us from dreaming about the future.

Exhibition view.

Full fullscreen profiles

No distractions. Fullscreen profiles are great way to present yourself.


Easily talk with people by using just your voice.

Voice recognition on 3nder for tvOS


We are extremely excited by new technologies, tvOS gives dreamers like us a canvas to create. We are planning to explore many other different platforms and give openminded people more options to explore their sexualities, using beautifully designed modern technology.