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Once upon a time

Feeld was created after my amazing soulmate, girlfriend, partner Ana wrote me a love letter about feelings she had for a French girl (who doesn’t fall for the French?). I was so touched by it, I wanted to prove to her that there are many curious people like her who fall for a human’s soul whatever their gender and sexuality. So Feeld was my love letter to Ana.

Why does Feeld exist?

If you search for a sexually positive space like me and Ana did, you’ll easily find out that the sex scene is dark and hidden. With all our respect (you are awesome you kinky humans!), we are not those people. At least not yet. We are dreamers, creators in love with each other and with the magic that arises between us. Creating Feeld was opening up a window between the ‘normal’, and the ‘dark’, a window to a space where we met some of the most beautiful humans ever.

Feeld is for a new type of human. A human belonging to a new world, one of creativity, openness, respect and exploration. Feeld is a space where your secrets, fantasies or simply curiosities look and feel normal, are accepted by the Feeld society and are treated with respect.

Design and Feeld

Design is a virtue not many products value high. In our mindset design can change perspectives, hence — change the world. I am a designer, I’ve always been one. My partner is a designer too. Aesthetics is like a curse — when you have that sense, you cannot unsee the sloppy, the boring and the ugly. The visual experience of dating websites is extremely unpleasant for people like us, people with a specific taste. Feeld looks the way it does so you feel the right things. You are in a dreamy space, in a fog, in a strange and curious surrounding.

Our branding was designed in house, partnering with TwoTimesElliott. We are planning to partner with many other brilliant designers and artists to provide the most beautiful and exceptional platform for meeting humans.



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