Glamorous Toolkit v0.4.0

Things are moving fast in the glamorous land. We now reached v0.4.0:

There are several significant advances in this version. The first thing to note is that v0.4.0 is a reproducible version that can be loaded with:

Metacello new
baseline: ‘GToolkit’;
repository: ‘github://feenkcom/gtoolkit:v0.4.0/src’;
The release map of Glamorous Toolkit v0.4.0

The version was created with Releaser the new member of the Glamorous Toolkit that is able to release deeply nested projects.

Releaser in action

The rest of the environment has seen a few key changes as well.

Documenter received support for dynamic markup edit. This is an almost magic ability that makes the markup appear when the cursor nears the markup. With this we have reached a seamless experience that supports both viewing without markup and editing on demand.

Playground uses the Coder collapsable snippets, and Transcript was updated.

The Inspector updates when the code changes.

The Meta view from the Inspector was enhanced to show the super classes and method categories, each of these act list filters. On top of that, we can also filter methods by name.

A more complete list of issues we addressed is found here:

Please do let us know what you think .. and, of course, what you feel.

Have fun,
The feenk team