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Feirm Dagur — A new type of blockchain architecture

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The Past Exploits

But why Go?

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What will the Dagur protocol include?

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Utilising DPoS with the Dagur protocol

Example Figures:
Current Supply => 6,130,045 coins
Block Time => 10 seconds
Alice => Delegate - Earns 190 coins per day from forging
Bob => (Stakeholder) - 100,000 coins
Current Supply x 2% = 122,600 coins in votes
Bob's coins / 122,600 votes = 0.82 coins
0.82 x 40% of Alice's daily reward = 62.3 coins per day added on top of Bob's existing 100,000 coin balance.

Putting a concept into reality

Main block producer node
Secondary node accepting recently forged blocks

Your Say

mnbudgetvote "many" 20408b4068b2b24296358892ba9e777584986828ce546f30965003f94bc20238 "yes"
mnbudgetvote "many" 20408b4068b2b24296358892ba9e777584986828ce546f30965003f94bc20238 "no"
"Name": "Dagur-DPoS",
"URL": "https://bit.ly/2H5u3TX",
"Hash": "20408b4068b2b24296358892ba9e777584986828ce546f30965003f94bc20238",
"FeeHash": "7ad4647d306d4857bf1e5d1db1cab0ead3e6f3fed8fa3bae9a7f2a81782b7a23",
"BlockStart": 388800,
"BlockEnd": 432001,
"TotalPaymentCount": 1,
"RemainingPaymentCount": 1,
"PaymentAddress": "5t1ZW572NozpUjV9bAcWeVuZWfg8P6HExT",
"Ratio": 0,
"Yeas": 0,
"Nays": 0,
"Abstains": 0,
"TotalPayment": 10.00000000,
"MonthlyPayment": 10.00000000,
"IsEstablished": false,
"IsValid": true,
"IsValidReason": "",
"fValid": true

Final Words



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