Feirm Development Update — October 2018

Good Evening! So, another month has just passed, and it is time to share some progress with regards to the Marketplace development. But first, let’s get some of the smaller developments out of the way.

Wallets for MacOS High Sierra

For some time now, community members have requested for a High Sierra wallet. We offered a bounty, and some time later, High Sierra wallets were delivered for those running MacOS 10.12+. If you missed the announcement in our server, you can find the wallet under our latest release:

Our source code is still being checked for compatibility with the latest MacOS Mojave (10.14), and test builds will be released when everything reports back as working.

Exchange & Masternode Platform Listing

Recently, Feirm had applied for listing on the Probitex Exchange, and we now have further markets for BTC and ETH. You can trade at the following links:

https://www.probitex.com/trade/index/market/xfe_btc https://www.probitex.com/trade/index/market/xfe_eth

Also, a community member reached out to us offering the chance to be listed on the Dextro Masternode hosting platform. Thanks to their efforts, we are now next in line for listing which we are anticipating the announcement for soon.


Marketplace Preparation

In order to prepare for the Feirm Marketplace launch, we have deployed more servers, and have setup the domain for where the Marketplace will be held. So far on this page, it displays to the user that we are still under development, but it is definitely worth while bookmarking it so you don’t forget it in the near future!

Improved Marketplace API

Upon further inspection, we found several improvements which could be made to the API. We have made execution and response times much faster by handling them client-side in the browser with our front-end.

Marketplace Development

If you have been following the server announcements over the last month, you would have noticed the development channel we opened, and have started to post screenshots and explanations of what has gone on. As the marketplace development becomes more stable, we will post updates on any bug-fixes/features which have been implemented.

At this moment in time, we are currently working on a custom payment processor which will utilise Feirm’s SwiftTX ability — the process where a transaction is sent directly to a masternode and it gets verified and confirmed by them immediately. This payment method is intended for the lower value transactions as there isn’t a need to include the transaction in a confirmed block. The goal is to also allow the payment processor to be easily integrated with other cryptocurrencies for a suitable adoption approach.

Login Page
User Dashboard
  • The Feirm Marketplace dashboard will allow users to view their past purchases, transfers and wallet balances.
  • Other functionalities include the addition of a referral system which will operate under a tiered system, resulting in a reduction of fees when using another cryptocurrency apart from XFE or its partner coins. Additionally, the option to keep track of your personal masternodes will be integrated to the user dashboard.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for tuning in on our monthly development update! We’ve got some really exciting news coming soon which we think you are going to love, but that is for another day!

Thanks, Jack.