Current Currency Application


Design an app that would allow a traveller to see the lowest currency conversion rates available within a determined area. This app should pull data from trusted conversion sites, compare these rates with what’s locally available and show the user immediate savings and best deals.

Time for this challenge

8 hours

Design focus

Interaction Design

Decision for this project

I had around 8 hours to make this test, and I don’t have a lot of info about the product or the brand. It’s a completely new product, so my focus will be to work as an Interactive Designer, making research and studies on how this product can solve the main pain points of the target users. In the end of the interactive study, I will make a quick visual design study.


  • UK iOS users travel 40% more / Feb 2016, data from Gopili
  • 10 Best apps for travelers / Jan 2016 The Guardian: CityMapper; Duolingo; XE Currency; Tripit; Splittr; App in the air; Google Translate; Livetrekker; Wolfram Sun Exposure; TimeOut

Organizing tasks

  • Persona
  • Ideas
  • Screen Flow
  • Wireframes
  • iOS Interface
  • Prototype
  • Visual design


Concepts & Ideas

Screen Flow



Paper Prototype

iOS Interface

Fast UI Study

*My 8hours for this project study was finished.