Letter to the dude by the pool


Sitting by the pool at Patterson. I’m here enjoying its presence. The fact that there is an actual fucking pool outside my front door!

The place is very peaceful. Especially when no one is in the water, when you can enjoy it’s stillness. There are usually others here, as you can see, enjoying time with each other.

Music is usually played here, by dudes like you!

That brings his speaker and jams loud enough for us others to hear. I love Linkin Park too! I am jamming along.

But there is something about the fact that you are allowing yourself to play loud music so others might get disturbed!

Do you not realize that others might not like it? And knowing you might be creating conversations in between them, about how annoying it is that there is someone playin loud music when we are here to enjoy stillness?

I mean, I see myself in your situation and I could imagine myself enjoy listening to beats that I love, but by myself!

A negative emotion arises in me. But do you think it does on the others by the pool?

Aren’t you scared of what others around the pool might feel and have opinions they might have on your ‘behavior’? The feeling of being judged?!

What if you’re simply not CAPABLE of thinking that?

Not maliciously intended.

But simply, that you’re not aware that this might create negative impact on someone in your presence.

There might be many reasons and understandings behind your actions, I am able to understand that.

What the fuck?! How dare you to not think about what we might feel?!

I can react angrily, and judge you for your intentions.

I choose to forgive you for being human. For being in the fault of potentially hurting others. Because we simply not always are aware of what our surroundings are telling us. I am choosing to go back to enjoying the music, unaware of others being affected by the surroundings. Simply, living the moment, of sitting by the pool, enjoying music, by myself. Like there was no one here.

The negativity was ultimately just in my own head.

Thank you for knowing exactly what music I like. For knowing what songs I know the lyrics to!

I hope others around also enjoyeded the music, and since that is actually possible, then that is what I decide to believe. Because if you knew what we all liked, and intentionally are playing something you know we all like, then that is pretty damn cool!😉❤️

Felipe Muñoz

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