Felix in SPACE

In this beautiful comic we commissioned from the incredibly talented illustrator, Rush Dhillon, we explore the possibilities for phage-based antibiotics in space. Enjoy!

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Felix in SPACE comic showing how phage can be used as growable antibiotics for a mission to Mars.

You are on Mars. You have an accident and get a bacterial infection. None of the antibiotics you brought with you work because the bacteria is a superbug, resistant to all antibiotics. You did bring a sequencing machine. You sequence the bacteria and email that sequence to Felix Biotechnology on Earth. They analyze the sequence and design the DNA of a virus that will specifically kill only the bacteria that has infected you. They email you the virus’ DNA sequence. You print the sequence using your DNA printing machine, and, using cell free regents, convert (boot) the DNA into a living, replicating, and safe virus particle.

You get treated with the virus, the virus finds your bacteria and kills it, curing your infection and saving your life. You do a little dance to celebrate. This is not science fiction. This is the future Felix Biotechnology is creating.

To help make this future a reality, we’re auctioning a Felix inSPACE NFT.

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All proceeds will go towards the development of phage for the effective treatment of bacterial infections.