We are building Felix for Good: Felix becomes a certified B Corp

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3 min readMay 10, 2023

Felix Capital certified as a B Corp with high score of 100 — the first venture capital firm in Europe with over $1 billion AUM to achieve this status

When we started Felix in 2015, we anchored our vision to back entrepreneurs building brands that have a positive impact on the world. At that time, we didn’t articulate what this meant as a venture capital firm, and we were not aware of the B Corp framework. However, we continued to build our business with kindness and impact in mind.

Today, we’re proud to share that we have received our B Corp certification with a score of 100. This milestone is a great recognition of our efforts to date and we very much see it as a starting point of a long journey. We are one of the first venture capital firms in Europe to receive such label, and the first and only with over $1bn AUM (Assets Under Management) to be a part of this global community.

We are thrilled to help shape our industry and the start up ecosystem in Europe. As a B Corp, we commit to promote positive impact and build strong communities in our society through sustainable practices.

Over the past years, we formalised our ESG (environmental, social, governance) initiatives under a programme we call “Felix for Good”, which encompasses 4 areas of our business, with corresponding initiatives:

  1. “Our funds” — how we invests our capital: We have been a UN PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) Signatory since January 2022, and seek to back companies that enable a sustainable lifestyle, in response to a shift in consumer demand
  2. “Our community” — how we work with portfolio companies and stakeholders: We have a requirement for companies to draft an ESG and D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) policy in our term sheet, within 12 months of closing an investment round led by us
  3. “Ourselves” — how we build our team and runs our operations: We measure our carbon footprint and offset our Scopes 1–2 on an annual basis
  4. “Our Foundation” — how we support charities and causes: We are setting up the Felix Foundation to partner with charity organisations through long-term engagement

A few of our early results:

  • We believe in the importance of D&I (diversity & inclusion) in building large and successful businesses, and this is why 44% of the teams backed by Felix includes at least 1 founder who is female or not white
  • We also construct our team with D&I in mind, with today 13 team members representing 9 nationalities, 62% female and 46% of minority ethnic backgrounds

Over 50% of our AUM goes to supporting companies that align with one of more of the UN SDGs — examples include

  • Mejuri: Canadian jewellery brand advocating for female empowerment
  • Peppy: British digital health platform supporting employees in moments like fertility, early parenthood and menopause
  • Unmind: British mental health platform providing employees with proactive and reactive mental health support
  • Everdrop: German household and personal care brand eliminating plastic waste from the home
  • Effy: French household energy renovation platform helping people improve the energy efficiency of their homes

As a venture capital firm, Felix recognises the limitations of the impact that investment vehicles can achieve on their own, so they have set up charity partnerships with the likes of charity:water (donating 1% of carried interest from Felix Fund III), and have made donations towards the war in Ukraine and the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Felix commits to continue to support causes in gender equality, hunger and poverty, environmental and animals, and more.

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