The Only Tip You Need to Make More $$$

Free drinks? Eh, an ok tip. But we’ll be honest. There’s only one trick you need to earn more $$.

And that trick is simple: raise your rate.

We know. It sounds unbelievable. But let’s test it against a number of problematic scenarios to see how well this solution works.

Problem #1: Your client lives in the woods.

Who hasn’t had that client who lives impossibly far away?

Travel costs a fortune: just ask Uber, which is both taking and losing just about all the money there is. Here’s a #rategoal for you: Uber’s revenue works out to about $9.6 million/hour. Not bad. And all it took was a jerk CEO, a toxic culture, and theft of intellectual property.

That’s why we came up with this one crazy tip to deal with clients who spend their lives in places you’d rather spend your death.

Solution: Raise your rate.

You’re losing potential money when you travel — you should get paid for it.

Problem #2: You need health care to stay healthy to keep working.

Even if you, like most of Congress, don’t seem to understand why you need to be insured or what insurance is, unfortunately companies get the point: staying alive is worth money.

That’s why we came up with this one crazy tip to deal with the fact that we’re losing money to companies for… not helping us with injuries that don’t exist (no, that double negative doesn’t cancel out).

Solution: Raise your rate.

Health care, self-employment tax, unsteady paychecks… the disadvantage of working independently is that nobody is there to help you but yourself. But as the old expression goes, before you can help others, you have to help yourself (get paid more).

Problem #3: You have no clients period.

Maybe you had client one and fucked it up. Or maybe you helped them so much that they didn’t need you! Or maybe you’ve never had clients at all because they said your rate was too high. The problem? It’s not high enough.

Solution: Raise your rate.

Want a client to know you’re worth something? Let them know you’re worth a lot. You know what they’ll say when they see that your rate is $500/hour? “They must be good.”

Problem #4: You have too many clients.

Do you find yourself replying to emails at all hours of the day and scrambling to make appointments or deadlines because the only time you have to decompress is when you’re literally unconscious?

We’ve been there: you have too many clients.

Solution: Raise your rate.

Identify the dead ends that are running you ragged while getting the most from the clients who value you. If you double your rate and lose half your clients, you’re making the same amount of money… and working half as much.

Problem #5: Your client doesn’t pay.

How much money is your client paying you anyway? We’re here to tell you that it’s not enough — and it’s definitely not enough if they’re not paying you!

That’s why we came up with this one crazy tip to help you spend no hours working and get paid just as much.

Solution: Raise your rate.

If your client isn’t going to pay, well… they might as well not pay you a shit ton of money.