Andy — “My Other Self”

We were given access to setup our portable studio at the Hyper Japan 2015 London. This event is mostly cosplay centric. As the day went by, I saw Andy walk past. I really liked what he was wearing, at a conference where everyone around you is wearing costumes, Andy’s outfit stood out.

I explained the project and asked him if he could stand for a portrait, to which he kindly said yes. The most awkward moment followed up, when I asked Andy, what costume are you wearing? He said “This is not a costume, this is my Victorian garb. On a day off I opted for this post apocalyptic fatigues and goggles… this how I dress”

Andy is the lead singer of probably UK’s biggest and most important Steam Punk band The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing . Go check them out, they are amazing.

I made 5 frames of Andy, I gave him a little bit of direction and nailed this picture!

You can see more photos from this series in my blog or visiting my facebook page