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8 min readDec 30, 2020

Jana Morrin is CEO and Co-founder of Speakfully a platform to help employees and companies grow through the recording and sharing of uncomfortable experiences within the workplace. Speakfully is behind a movement to create psychologically safe environments through its documentation, reporting, and support resources.

After experiencing workplace harassment herself, Morrin channeled her passion for changing workplace culture by leveraging design and technology to create a platform that decodes the gray area, supporting individuals, human resource departments, and leadership to address and improve workplace issues, creating a safer work environment for us all.

Can you tell our readers about your background?

I started out my career in healthcare administration and after doing that for a few years, pivoted to tech. For the last 10+ years, I’ve been in software tech or IT in some capacity. Regardless of where I’ve been, I’ve always been on the operational leadership side of it. I’ve been in startups previously where I’ve learned to wear many hats and am enjoying the opportunity to get to do it again now!

What inspired you to start your business?

I had a personal experience of mistreatment in the workplace of my own and chose to leave my position. After I left, I reflected quite a bit on what I wish I would have had in those moments and also what I wish the organization would have had for me in those moments to help me come forward sooner. Those different elements are what contributed to the inspiration of the business and product, Speakfully.

Where is your business based?

It is technically based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, which is where I live. However, since the beginning, our entire team has been remote. We don’t have a headquarters building. Everyone is all over the United States with people in all 4 different time zones, all in their own home offices!

How did you start your business? What were the first steps you took?

First was just research — figuring out the need and what we specifically were looking to create and build…

Kristin Marquet
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