28 Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health While Running a Business

Mags Thomson (she/her)
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12 min readMay 12, 2021

In my “interview” in last month’s FEM, I shared that my dog has been very helpful in maintaining a work-life balance. She forces me to get more structure into my day, which, when working from home as a solo entrepreneur can be really hard. I am sure I am not the only one who has found myself still in my pyjamas at 5 pm faced with having to go to the shops, haha!

This blending of our work and personal life, the relentless to-do list, clients emailing late at night, demands from our friends and family, a household that needs to be managed, the list of things needing our attention can seem endless. Sometimes it may feel enough to be in a constant state of anxiety and burnout.

I asked 28 experienced entrepreneurs about their experiences maintaining their mental health while running their business. You know, in case you are not up for adopting a dog right now.

#1. Start Your Day With Uplifting Music

That alarm sound that pulls you from your dream? It triggers the adrenal glands and sympathetic system into fight or flight mode. You are better off programming your phone to play music that will be uplifting and get you excited for a new adventure.

Dr. Jennifer Hastings, President and Owner at Employee Wellness (website | Facebook)

#2. Be Clear What You Spend Time On

I think the first and most important thing is to really make sure your schedule is time blocked and you’re consolidating activities and either delegating tasks to team members or getting help with things that aren’t contributing to your overall growth (whether this is with tactical stuff in your business or help around the house with cleaning, errands, cooking, etc.) When you’re super intentional about your time, you create more space in your life to prioritize the things that are most important to you. Set aside time each day to step away from technology and spend with family, friends or doing activities that bring you peace and fulfilment.

Kelly Roach, CEO and Business Coach at Unstoppable Entrepreneur (website | Instagram)

#3. Change It Up!

Mags Thomson (she/her)
FEM Magazine

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