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28 Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health While Running a Business

In my “interview” in last month’s FEM, I shared that my dog has been very helpful in maintaining a work-life balance. She forces me to get more structure into my day, which, when working from home as a solo entrepreneur can be really hard. I am sure I am not the only one who has found myself still in my pyjamas at 5 pm faced with having to go to the shops, haha!

This blending of our work and personal life, the relentless to-do list, clients emailing late at night, demands from our friends and family, a household that needs…




We hope to inspire and support entrepreneurs as they build their businesses in enjoyable and sustainable ways, by sharing stories and tips from thought-leaders and change-makers.

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Mags Thomson (she/her)

Mags Thomson (she/her)

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