What’s In My Bag? 

Hannes Hapke, Co-founder of Renooble

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This week we are featuring Hannes Hapke—and one of the many awesome men who contribute to our blog.

What’s in my Bag: Hannes Hapke

Co-founder + Coding guy at renooble

Question 1. Where do you live? I’m a European with a German passport, currently living between Santiago, Chile and Portland, Oregon.

Question 2. What is your company? renooble is a service that advises consumers on their energy savings potential. We calculate the financial feasibility of different energy generation and efficiency options, and deliver those results with information about government incentives and product offers. Hear from us on twitter @renooble.

Question 3. Which item in your bag best represents your business? My books. They are sacred. And don’t try to talk me into using a Kindle. Paper is cool and hip.☺

Question 4. If you had to give up everything but one item from your bag, which would you keep and why? My MacBook—but come to think of it—I lived most of my life so far without daily access to a computer and lived pretty well. I also went through high school without working on a computer the whole day and I survived. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

Question 5. Who would be the guest of honor at your dinner party and why? Most people I can think of are dead, e.g. Eric Arthur Blair or Howard Zinn, and therefore the conversations would be limited and one-sided. If I could choose someone from the present, I would invite Matt Damon. I’m not a big fan of Oceans Eleven, but at least he was a neighbor to Howard Zinn and he’s probably developed an interesting world view.

Question 6. If you could fit anything in your bag, what would you take with you? A unicycle, a unicorn and red nose. With these 3 things you get children and adults laughing, and what’s better than making people laugh?

From Unicorn on a Unicycle in a Unitard

Question 7. What’s your embarrassing secret skill that few people know about? I memorize flight schedules. Call me if you get stuck in an airport. I bet I’m quicker than the agent at the front desk.

Question 8. What is your first-world problem? Getting an aisle seat on a plane.

Question 9. Write a haiku about your business.

solar, wind and heat
cheap, clean and reliable
with renooble very neat

Question 10. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child? Karma. And I still believe in it.

Hannes is a co-founder of renooble. Say hello at hannes@renooble.com.