Life Coaching is a Cult

Someone once asked me if Life Coaching was a cult.

Several clients first came to me with this skepticism.

So I wanted to address it for you.

According to Google, a cult can be defined as something popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society.

So, yes, based on that definition, it is a cult.

Popular among go-getters; ambitious people that want MORE.

More than numbing disappointment with wine or cookies; more than complaining and comparing the days away; more than accepting what is, instead of going after what can be.

I spent years doing all three… until I found out about Life Coaching.

If Life Coaching IS a cult, it is one I am proud to be part of.

Through Life Coaching I have developed:


Improved relationships with family. SO much so, that my mum was shocked at my (un)reaction to something that she said.

A loving relationship with my partner where we support each other in our wild dreams, cuddle every morning, and fill our days with little spoils, just because…

A career I love, my purpose, my schedule, my people… Success without hustle (this one took me a long time to unlearn)

A love of my body, cellulite, wrinkles and all. Working on my health from love, not a “need” for something to change so I can like myself

A better relationship with money — earning more than I ever have AND spending less on things (distractions from the murmur of “I’m not really happy”)

Oh, and after 15 years of trying, failing, and trying again… I quit smoking for good (even living in France, where smoking is everywhere)

And for my clients, Life coaching has allowed them to move from:

Believing they will never find love, to getting engaged within one year

Thinking of leaving their relationship, to falling in love all over again

Hating themselves with “no point” to life, to radical self acceptance

Stuck not making money in their business, to making $24k in two weeks

Overworking, hustling, not resting, sleeping poorly, to setting clear boundaries and getting more done WITH more time OFF

Fear of leaving a stable salaried job, to building a business with 5-figure months

As my coach always says, if it is a cult… it’s the best one.

Just think what is POSSIBLE for you through life coaching. Learning the skill of decision making, commitment, stress management, time management and consistency towards your goals.

And if you WANT in, schedule a consult call with me and let’s talk about YOUR brain, what is holding you back and how coaching can change everything.

From one convert to another… you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

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