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Seeking Green Businesses owned/operated by Underrepresented Minorities

As the digital products director at Green America, I’m very excited to support the green and sustainable economy — I find it to be a potential driver for economic and social justice. Our team is tasked with finding businesses and organizations focused on green for a national Green Pages.

Imagine my surprise (horror) when today, in response to a request for green products, I did a brief search and found no brands within the #sustainable #environmental #LOHAS #green movement who are also self-identified as being owned by underrepresented minorities (i.e. LGBTQ or people of color), or as having under-represented minorities in leadership.

Friends and colleagues: help me find these organizations!

I’m looking for brands, companies, and organizations selling products/services that are green* that are also owned (or run) by underrepresented minorities.

* e.g. organic cotton onesies, recycled paper products, solar energy providers, composting

An underrepresented minority is typically: African American, Latino/Latina/Latinx American, Native American/Alaskan Indian American, Asian Pacific Islander American, LGBTQ, or other underrepresented populations.

I am really quite perturbed that there is no list of this.

Please tweet me the company name @monicasflores if you (or you know someone) who fits this description, and I will keep updated as a full categorized list.

Do you know of an existing list or resource directory? Do share!

Thank you!

Please post and share widely.

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